Podvision S3 – E1 | Christmas Appetizer: GameDivision's New Beginning

PoDvision is the official podcast of Tom's Hardware – GameDivision. The podcast, born in the wake of GameDivision's new wide-ranging projects (such as UpClose), sets itself the task of disseminating videogames, analytically approaching the hundreds of variations of our favorite medium. PoDvision is not a debate, not because we don't like debate or don't consider it useful, but because we think it is first necessary to inform and deepen. Clearly the podcast will continue to deliver Entertainment and critical points of view, but always on the basis of a painstaking study of the proposed topic. Currently PoDvision is already in its third season, covering the entire first "quarter" which runs from September to December. However, you can follow all the seasons, as written below.


PoDvision: Format e Team

The format of PoDvision consists of a bi-weekly episode, hosted on MONDAY, with a total duration of about 45 minutes. The podcast is divided into two sections: a first section of about 30 minutes, dedicated to the main topic; a second section of about 15 minutes, dedicated to the Press Review of the three most particular and interesting news unearthed on GameDivision. PoDvision is conducted e curate by Lorenzo Quadrini, with the assiduous and precious collaboration technique by Andrea Maiellano, Alessandro Palladino, Mario Petillo and Andrea Riviera.

The central heart of PoDvision is the proposal of the interlocutor, which is true protagonist of the bet. In fact, he has the task of elaborating and exposing the topic of the episode, which therefore sees from time to time different voices (including many Tom's Hardware signatures, but not only) offer the public a deepening punctual and exhaustive about the chosen video game theme. Speaking of themes, PoDvision is very transversal, taking an interest in every aspect of the videogame: from history to production, passing through social, cultural and technical analysis.

The PoDvision Player, always updated

This page represents the information point of the entire podcast. Here you can find the player to be able to listen directly on GameDivision to the latest episode released or those you missed along the way. Furthermore, the page will be constantly updated with the description of the most recent episode. For anyone who wants to follow us on other distribution platforms, we are present:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcast
  • Google Podcast
  • Spreaker
  • Deezer

S3-E1 | Christmas Appetizer: GameDivision's New Beginning

In the company of Andrea Riviera and Giulia Serena, we propose a special episode dedicated to the new editorial proposals of GameDivision, the vertical section of Tom's Hardware that you are reading right now. An episode that is certainly "anomalous" in terms of content, at least compared to what PoDvision is used to, but necessary to better illustrate the new course of GameDivision, its new proposals and the new approach that will follow all the videogame treatment of the site, starting from from this December but also and above all throughout 2023. We will obviously also talk about video games, TGA and many scattered little things. Happy listening!

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