PlayStation: Will the games play out cooperatively?

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In addition to the many new features from a purely playful point of view, PS5 could in the near future have a new system of collaboration between players. As reported online, in fact, Sony would be working on a system that would allow players to be able to cooperate in a decidedly new way, thus allowing them to overcome sections or entire game areas deemed too complex.

At the moment we are only talking about a patent, which obviously has no basis in reality. It will certainly take some time to understand if everything will see the light but obviously the premises are interesting. In summary, according to Sony, it would be possible to "summon" a user in your game, to help us defeat a boss or complete a certain quest. If on a technical level the system would have already been developed as demonstrated by the patent, instead a different speech regarding game design and obviously the programming of certain areas.

As admirable as such an effort may be, in reality let us remember that if technology already allows such cooperation (think of the Elden Ring evocations, for example) but that is different from game to game. At present, therefore, it would be necessary to understand how many games (and above all how) could benefit from such a system of aid.

At the moment it is not possible to verify with certainty Sony's intentions. Surely, however, such a system could really be considered next gen, especially if added and integrated only with PS5. Another important sign of how generational leaps are no longer linked only to graphics, but also to small innovations of this kind. The hope is clearly to learn more, but it will take (as usual in these cases) some time. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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