Pentiment and its sources of inspiration are tremendous, really

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The genesis of Pentiment, the latest work of Obsidian Entertainment, sinks into the great desire of Josh Sawyer (game designer and founder of the US development team) to propose an adventure that is decidedly different from the classic productions we have been used to over the years. Nevertheless, in addition to the desire to work on something that can actually detach itself from his personal portfolio, a certain knowledge of the history of Ancient Europe is also necessary. Story that Sawyer shared a little with the world, revealing the bibliography that in these three years has accompanied the working group to the production of the second Xbox Game Studios exclusive from Obsidian.

Worms, cheese and God: the genesis of Pentiment

Sawyer revealed the various books that contributed to the birth of the project in a post published on his blog. Subsequently reported by other newspapers, the bibliography shared by the game designer is certainly interesting and contains some texts that could be part of the libraries of any historian. Among these we find the Journey of Durer, The Return of Martin Guerre and The cheese and the worms, Spanish essay from 1976 based on the two trials endured by Domenico Scandella. The list then closes with a novel very dear to us, or The Name of the Rose, written by Umberto Eco and which has definitively sanctioned the events that are seen in Pentiment: both the book and the video game, in fact, combine the thriller element to the religious one.
Of the many books Sawyer has read, there is one in particular. As revealed in a chat with IGNIn fact, a lot of that information is reviewed within the game, especially one. We don't want to make any kind of spoiler, so we won't tell you which text a particular story is from, but if you read this article after that particular event (located about halfway through the game) you will immediately realize it.

Some of the other physical books I referenced for Pentiment (not all of them but probably 3/4 of them) if you are interested.

— Josh Sawyer (@jesawyer) November 11, 2022

In the various books read by the game designer there really is everything. From a man who has been missing for 8 years and returns to town (although many doubt it is the same person), down to the life and work of peasants and executioners, the thousands of words written on paper have found a place in Pentiment. The texts of the Middle Ages or those that are vaguely inspired by that era hide horrible stories, betrayals, punishments and often hide a bitter side, which is also present in the Obsidian video game.

Sharing according to Sawyer

Beyond the texts used, for Sawyer it is important that players know the genesis of video games. The game designer would like every title released on the market to be accompanied from a small appendix, which should include all the sources of inspiration that have led to the production of a work. Sawyer could do it for Pentiment, but the hope is that other authors will also respond favorably to this particular appeal.

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