Overwatch 2: Ramattra is the new Hero

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During the Grand Finals of the official Overwatch 2 Esports circuit, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to unveil the new Hero who will join the roster of the game. We're talking about Ramattra, which will be launched during season 2 of the Irvine development team's free to play.

The reveal, as we anticipated, arrived during the Grand Finals of the Overwatch League. For the occasion, Blizzard has decided to celebrate the new hero with a video and the participation of the artistic director Dion Rogers, together with the chief designer of the various characters of the game, Alec Dawson with a post published on the official blog. However, we must stop you immediately: at the moment we do not know what the endowment of the new character will be, given that Blizzard Entertainment has limited itself to revealing the backstory, or the origins of him. However, there is also space for its gameplay, which will be something decidedly rare for the series. “Rammatra is one of a kind. Because it can provide important protection to the team, it can also turn into a machine capable of wreaking havoc on the pitch. This is a very dangerous character,” Dawson said about the nature of the character.

As specified by Blizzard, Ramattra is a war machine, which however has given up ammunition to become a shield with which to promote peace and serenity for its people. The story of Ramattra is full of hardships, traumas and a close look at the harsh reality of humanity. In the video, available a little further down, its origins are best explained, who have created a decidedly interesting character.

  • At the moment there is no other information available, except the release date of the new character. Ramattra will be available starting December 6, 2022, when Overwatch 2 will officially enter its second season, after a decidedly strong start, which has seen it join the home game Blizzard over 20 million players. With numbers like this, it is clear that it will be easier and easier to support the shooter.

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