Overwatch 2, Ramattra finally shows itself in action

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Putting aside the initial controversies related to the launch of the title, we already talked about the next hero who will be included in Overwatch 2 a few weeks ago (you can find the Funko Pops dedicated to the series on Amazon). Today, Blizzard released a new trailer in which the character of Ramattra is introduced for the first time. The new hero will arrive in the game in conjunction with the start of the second season which will kick off soon.

  • From the trailer, we can learn several interesting elements that will characterize Ramattra. First, the new Overwatch 2 hero is a tank capable of dealing high damage to his opponents. In its various forms, the new character's approach will vary radically. In fact, in his Nemesis form, the character acquires more robust armor and an exoskeleton equipped with two lethal arms. His punching power is capable of piercing defensive barriers and dealing high damage. In addition, the armor allows you to protect yourself with your arms to reduce the damage you take.

    In his normal form, however, Ramattra is equipped with a stick that can practice two different fire modes. The first unleashes a ranged attack, while the second is capable of generating a defensive barrier. This can be placed anywhere on the map in order to protect our hero from enemy fire.

  • Finally, some biographical notes on Ramattra inform us that the tank was built as a defense machine intended to protect the omnics from the threat of humanity. After a period in which the hero chose the path of peace, due to years of intolerance and violence, Ramattra has returned to embrace his bloodthirsty nature. It is precisely in this form that we will find it in Overwatch 2 starting from December 6, 2022, the date on which the second season of the Blizzard game will start.

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