Overwatch 2, players victims of an unexplained bug

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Just like any online game, Overwatch 2 is also plagued by several bugs. However, one of the last ones is decidedly strange and is making life impossible for some players, preventing them from advancing after spawning. A decidedly huge problem, which makes it impossible to participate in any type of game.

The bug surfaced on Reddit, from an Overwatch 2 player who got to experience this bug firsthand. The game prevents players from being able to leave the spawn area, then abandoning the game due to inactivity. A clear bug, which however seriously risks ruining the gameplay experience for all those who will be caught. Curiously, this error occurs when you go to "extra time", or overtime, a situation that occurs when one of the two teams has not yet excelled the other.

Clearly this issue will need to be fixed as soon as possible by Blizzard, but there's a reason so many bugs surface so quickly. Over the last few weeks, in fact, there have been many errors that have come out via Reddit, Twitter and other social networks. This factor depends exclusively on the number of players who are playing Overwatch 2. The game has in fact seen the arrival of 25 million people. With such a large number of active players it is quite easy for more and more bugs to emerge.

Game stuck in overtime and enemy team can’t leave spawn from Overwatch

Overwatch 2 is available from early October 2022. The title replaced the first chapter of the new Blizzard franchise and has adopted a free-to-play distribution system, also eliminating the prize boxes, which have attracted a series of decidedly fierce criticisms in recent years. Despite all these changes and the high number of players, not everyone has welcomed the title positively, but it is still too early to make judgments. Like any online game, in fact, even the Blizzard home title will undergo major changes over the next few years.

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