Overwatch 2 like Big Brother: will listen to you, but for a good cause

Blizzard recently launched an update that collects some user feedback to improve Overwatch 2 (find the Funko Pop on Amazon). The results obtained by the title, in this new free to play version, are quite remarkable but at the time of release, the game still had too many critical issues. Within the latest update, that of November 17, however, the studio has inserted a feature of which players were notified only after the update.

Overwatch 2

This is a new security measure, adopted by Blizzard to record players' voice chats on Overwatch 2. This feature will undoubtedly receive mixed opinions but, in the intentions of the developers, it was introduced for a good reason. In fact, many users have complained that the free drift taken from the title has attracted many new players, making game chats full of conflict. The developers, in fact, have received several reports of abusive behavior from players and have decided to remedy this way.

Being able to listen to users' voice chats, in fact, Blizzard will immediately be able to identify behaviors that have actually been abusive and distinguish them from false reports. In doing so, therefore, the developers aim to restore order in the interactions between Overwatch 2 users and prevent the game environment from becoming toxic in any way. At the same time, it will be possible to avoid that users suffer false reports en masse, as happened in some cases.

Blizzard's choice is certainly ambivalent because if it is true that on the one hand Overwatch 2 will become safer for the players, it is also true that every word of the users will be potentially traceable by the developers. Just to reassure on this last point, in fact, the developers have added that the registration will not concern group chats. The team's work will focus on reports received in public chats and will quickly delete all conversations that will not receive reports.

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