Overwatch 2: Easier to get skins through WOW, according to one player

A player Overwatch 2 found a very fast method to get tokens in game, going through World of Warcraft. There has been a lot of talk these days Overwatch 2, both because of the problems that accompanied its launch, and because of the in-game timing to get skins and accessories without spending anything. At the moment the video game from Blizzard is enjoying a great response from the public, increasing its following and at the same time dividing the community of fans.

You can earn OW2 skins faster by playing WoW than you can by playing Overwatch 2… from Overwatch

Starting from the in-game challenges to obtain accessories, a player has noticed that there is a much faster way than the classic one linked to the so-called Overwatch Coins, necessary for purchases in the dedicated shop. The only thing that needs to be done is to convert the gold you get in World of Warcraft first into WOW Tokens and then spend it on Overwatch 2. It will therefore be enough to go to the auction house of the first game, in order to obtain these tokens and move accordingly.

The more classic method, on the other hand, is connected to the challenges that the video game offers its community on a weekly basis. To get Overwatch Coins you need to complete all eleven requests for the week to get 60 in-game coins, the equivalent of $0,60. Engaging in such an enterprise means being continuous with the various challenges, from week to week, so as to accumulate enough money to then buy more substantial things.

Assuming that the Game Pass of Overwatch 2 it costs around 10 dollars and that its skins start at about 20 dollars each, the amount of effort that an enthusiast must necessarily invest in the company is clear. This player's suggestion immediately gave the Blizzard community something to think about, given that apparently you can choose to spend WOW gold on all the other games of the studio as well.

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