Overwatch 2 as Diablo Immortal: will you be able to dedicate a life to it?

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Now Overwatch 2 begins to be accessible to his community, some questions are also beginning to arise regarding how to "advance" with individual heroes. Differently from the past, being this new chapter totally free, features the classic dynamics of free-to-play. How long will it take to earn the individual heroes' accessories and cosmetics with your own sweat? In the subreddit of Overwatch 2 a user, such u/Autumn_hi, has tried to give an answer to this question, explaining in detail that, with the current model of progression, it can take up to five years to unlock all non-seasonal cosmetics, taking the hero Kiriko as an example.

Overwatch 2

To reach this conclusion, the user limited himself to add up all the hero's unlockables and their prices, with the possibility of buying them using real money, or you can choose to earn coins in game through some weekly challenges. Completing these 11 challenges, however, leads to only one gain 60 coins per week.

Opt for the totally free route in this case, on Overwatch 2, it would mean invest about 260 weeks on it about to reach the 15.600 coins required, with a total of 5 years of work. Obviously the example of this user is limited only to the objects (among which we find some skins, pendants for weapons, sprays, phrases, emotes ...) of a hero, remembering that the title currently has a total of 35. Obviously paying with real money the timing is shortened dramatically.

During its release Overwatch 2 has been at the center of some problems and controversies which Blizzard has tried to answer and remedy (there have been several, including complaints about skins defined as disappointing and unrewarding progression systems, for example), with players who had to wait in endless lines to play, and subsequently targeted by some DDos attacks and other even important bugs (such as the one related to chat and involuntary purchases, then resolved, but still waiting for further clarifications).

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