OnePlus 8 Lite or OnePlus Z? The mid-range smartphone may change its name

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What until now has been called OnePlus 8 Lite it could instead be recognizable by the name Oneplus z. To spread this hypothesis was the leaker Max Weinbach through a tweet published on his Twitter profile.

We have known for several months now that, during 2020, OnePlus 8 e 8 Pro will be flanked by a third cheapest model. It should be a smartphone from middle band with "premium" specifications. Until now, everyone was convinced that the name “OnePlus 8 Lite” could be chosen. The situation will perhaps be different.

The source referred to it as "OnePlus Z" and said the hardware matched the previous OnePlus 8 Lite render.

— Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) March 28, 2020

This device could in fact represent almost a continuation of OnePlus X. The latter was launched in 2016, but did not achieve the expected success. Unlike this device, the Chinese company's new project could pave the way for a new series. Therefore, a new mid-range device. technical specifications OnePlus Z / 8 Lite might be the following:

  • SoC MediaTek Dimensity 1000;
  • Display 6,5-inch AMOLED with 90Hz refresh rate;
  • 48MP, 16MP and 12MP rear camera;
  • 8 GB of RAM;
  • 128 GB internal memory;
  • Battery from 4.000 mAh.

We don't know if this mid-range device will come along with its older brothers next month or if he will wait a little longer. For the time being, the price of the OnePlus Z / 8 Lite could be as high as 400 pounds in England (approx 446 €). It could therefore be placed in a price range where there are already several high-quality models.

OnePlus 7T, with 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory and the Qualcomm 855+ SoC, is available for purchase on Amazon. this address.

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