Nintendo Switch: which one and when it is recommended to buy it

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Black Friday is upon us and for tech enthusiasts it is one of the most anticipated times of the year; even gamers await this event with particular trepidation, which every time offers opportunities such as the Nintendo Switch console, ideal if you want to get hold of a portable tool to use even when you're not at home.

Black Friday, what is it

Black Friday is an American event that is celebrated on the last Friday of November, after Thanksgiving, and it is an opportunity that allows you to get hold of various products offered at reduced prices.

Basically it is the main moment to buy Christmas gifts, given the many promotions that are carefully studied. Even in Spain this event has become a fixed appointment for several years and in particular chains such as MediaWorld manage to distinguish themselves for interesting promotions, which are no longer concentrated on a single day of the month but are activated throughout November.

The three versions of Nintendo Switch

During the Nintendo Switch Black Friday, particular attention, in the selection phase, must be paid to the type of console that you intend to buy, given that each of the three variants has precise characteristics that affect the player's entertainment mode; the choice must be made mainly on the basis of the use that will be made of the console.

The basic version is suitable for use with the TV screen while the Lite version is perfect for playing on the go, provided that the graphics sector does not fall within the technical specifications sought in the console. If, on the other hand, you always want to have a console that is able to offer optimal performance and latest generation graphics resolution at hand, even if you don't connect it to the TV, you can opt for the OLED version. Precisely on the basis of this parameter it is important to understand what are the differences between the versions of the Nintendo Switch.

The Oled version is characterized by a 7-inch screen with a 1280 x 720 resolution with lively and pleasant tones to observe and a processor that makes it more reactive when loading game data and in gameplay; this means that long loading times can be avoided on the speed front.

The Lite version, on the other hand, comes with a 5,5-inch LCD-type screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720, the same characteristics as the basic model of the console, albeit with a few fewer details as regards the graphics, which tend to be slightly lower when compared to the others.

Battery longevity

If you choose to use the console mainly at home, the basic model represents the best possible solution since its features, including battery life as well as the possibility of using the connection via HDMI cable, have been specifically designed for this type of use.

On the other hand, the situation is different if you want to take advantage of the console both while sitting comfortably in the armchair of your own home, and for example during a lunch break in the office. In this circumstance, in fact, the Oled version represents the right choice to make since it can be connected both via HDMI cable and via LAN port to the TV.

The Lite version, on the other hand, is ideal for mobile gaming, as it is not compatible with different TVs, so you cannot use TV screens to transmit images. In terms of battery life, the basic model offers a longevity of about eight hours, while the OLED model also reaches 600 minutes of autonomy.

The Lite version, on the other hand, is suitable for short gaming sessions on the move or when you are at home, since this lasts about six hours. In terms of battery life, however, it is important to specify how the game that is started affects the performance of the console, and obviously on the duration of the residual charge.

Other details to consider

As for the other aspects to take into consideration, it is important to specify that the Oled version weighs 400 grams with the additional controllers installed and a 64 Giga memory, therefore the number of games that can be stored is higher than the others two versions. The standard one weighs about 300g and has a 32GB memory while the Nintendo Switch Lite weighs 275 grams with 32GB of memory.

Therefore those who like to use different titles and want to have a large games catalog will have to focus on the OLED version, while those who don't use the console constantly and use it only for short periods of time can choose the Lite model.

As mentioned, MediaWorld's Black Friday is the right occasion if you want to buy a Nintendo Switch console: in summary, we must remember that the OLED model is ideal for all circumstances, therefore both on the move and with a fixed location thanks also to compatibility with various horizontal supports and the excellent quality performance offered by the console.

Those looking for a simple model that still offers a high level of entertainment can choose the basic model, while those who want to play with a portable console without too much effort and in their spare time will have to evaluate the purchase of the Lite version.

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