Nier: Automata, a threat of abandonment incentivized Square Enix to produce it

During a recent interview with GameSpot Yosuke Saito, producer of NIER: Automata, revealed that at the time of the title's gestation, he threatened Square Enix with leaving the company if they didn't produce the project. It's actually not surprising that Square had doubts about the project NIER: Automata, especially after the working past of its author and the saga whose events it continues. In addition, the title itself has never been too easy to label or define in some way, given its multifaceted nature and the plot and meta gimmicks ready to continuously shuffle the cards on the table.

Returning to the aforementioned interview, these were Yosuke Saito's words regarding the matter: “I threatened to leave the company if I failed to develop Nier: Automata and I pushed everyone to accept this way, honestly. They thought it would only sell 300.000 units globally…”.

Contrary to all expectations, NIER: Automata achieved global success, even prompting Square to release a remaster of the first NieR titled NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139, following a trail that led to the rediscovery, perhaps even in full, of the saga of Yoko Taro, currently under study also by the western community.

With 6.5 million units about sold, NIER: Automata not only has he confirmed his value among the ranks of the general public, but he has managed to raise the voice of an author out of the choir, making it clearer even in the eyes of the rest of the world. Such a move by the aforementioned producer has therefore proved to be fundamental in relation to the subsequent recognition of the value of this saga, in the hope of new projects and works that will further expand its value, with new stories and adventures ready to surpass the previous success .

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