News + Videogames as a vehicle of hate: the new frontier of terrorism

More and more organized hate groups are using online video game chats to recruit new followers, bombarding the minds of younger and more influential players with racist, sexist and homophobic propaganda.

The blade hidden in the doll.

The more powerful a tool is, and more the hand that holds it must be moved by right reasons. A scalpel, in the hands of a skilled surgeon, can be used to remove an incurable disease, e save a life. The same scalpel, wielded by a homicidal maniac, can be used to sever a carotid artery, and break that same life. The instrument has no faults, and it is neither good and neither bad first. The instrument retains within itself the potential to be a savior, or an executioner, at the same time. These are the choices made by those who wield it, what about it reveal the final nature.

There are objects, however, and tools, which are born in mind of the creator, with intent, purpose, or motivation that can be defined nobles. Created for entertain, to teach and to support, these tools are released into the outside world, ready to fulfill their mission.

Video games

Imagine yourself horror, and the creator's terrified gaze, when that instrument is taken, tortured, disfigured, and made one tool of hate.

Imagine the face of your son or daughter when you give toy that you gave him, check a rusty blade.

The rusty blade of hate.

That rusty blade, which hides in dolls, toy cars, and online video game chat, was put by someone. One, or more groups of people, who want your child you hold that blade, and use it against theirs "Enemies".

“Many games contain some private chats, in which players are paired with teammates.

Hate group members who are on these private chats will make gods sexist or racist comments, they will look at who in the chat respond positively, and they will send him links to twitter, propaganda video on youtube is web pages of hate groups"

- Dr. Paul Weigle, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

The internet has given these hate groups a place where they can build a collective identity, they have legal freedoms, and they have countless tools at their disposal to reach new affiliates. Video game chats, often not monitored, are therefore the perfect hunting ground to reach the younger age groups, and more suggestible.

Here is a tool, the video game, capable of teaching values ​​such as inclusiveness, positivity and tolerance, becomes the ecosystem in which a cancer is rampant, attacking the subjects who come into contact with it, and risking kill the tool itself.

the video game becomes the ecosystem in which a carcinogenic disease is rampant, risking to kill the instrument itself

Kill the hate, save the game

It therefore becomes imperative, to shield the weakest, to stop that tide of hatred and violence that risks breaking through the banks at any moment, snatch from the hands of the executioners the tool, and remove a weapon from the arsenal of hatred.

How can you do it, though, without killing the game?

The answer unfortunately it is not easy, and not even taken for granted. In an environment, such as that of videogames, where the average user is constantly exposed in ad chats racist, sexist and homophobic insults, as if they were gods meme, how can you teach recognize the danger?

In an environment that fights so hard for its own freedom and independence, how can you barricade yourself against hate groups without fall into censorship?

“We should […] proclaim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.

Karl Popper, Political Philosopher
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With courage, fuck. With the courage to plug your mouth that incites violence. With the courage to tear from the hands a tool wonderful and powerful like the video game to those who teach to hate. With the courage to shut the door in your face to those who want to bring in our living rooms, in our bedrooms, and on our screens, resentment and oppression.

An instrument has no identity, it is neither good nor bad, and it cannot to make decisions. We have to do it. We have to take the decision to defend it. It's easy, in front of a keyboard, a controller, a screen, feeling lonely. Isolated and defenseless, against gods flocks that incite hatred and to violence, the only answer seems to be lower your head and hope they don't target us.

The power of the tool, however, can be put our service. Just as hate groups use the internet and video game chats to recruit executioners, we too can use them to unite, and collect who is tired of lowering his head under one flag.

There are collectives born to defend, to denounce, and to oppose abuses in every sector, field and reality. The video game, and the players, are a huge world, which deserves to be defended. Opposing racism, sexism, and homophobia in video games is possible. That's enough join, and fight hatred by forming a solid wall of spears.

Because against hatred, the real danger is feeling alone.

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