News The new Disgaea 1 Complete trailer is dedicated to Flonne

On the occasion of 'Anime Expo 2018, means press release, Nis America release a new one trailer to Disgea 1 Complete.



Disgaea 1 Complete Introduces
the Angels of Celestia!


No Disgaea is complete (see what I did there, dood?) Without Flonne, the ditzy angel trainee! Flonne, whose mission was to assassinate the (already dead) King Krichevskoy, tags along with the Netherworld's prince and his devious vassal Etna to embark on a zany journey of disloyal demons, horse wieners, love (?!) And punching-bag Prinnies!

Check out the Angels of Celestia trailer now to learn more about Flonne and her fellow angels. Disgaea 1 Complete arrives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch October 9!



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