News + Sony develops an AI capable of modulating the game difficulty

The news is recent but we may hear about it for a long time: Sony is working on an AI (artificial intelligence) which can independently change the difficulty within a video gameThe implications could be multiple, both positive and negative. However, I would like to point out that this project is still at the beginning of its development; what leaked could be incomplete and still vary over time.

How Sony's AI will deal with our difficulty

Once completed, this Sony-branded AI promises to deliver a more dynamic and less frustrating gaming experience for everyone.

Those who find themselves blocked due to a too complicated battle will be helped and will finally be able to proceed in the plot. Those who are proceeding too smoothly, on the other hand, will see the game world become more ruthless and lethal, in order to offer an always exciting challenge.

There is not much more to add on the function; it's a simple but functional idea. The purpose is to not only vary the level of difficulty proposed in the settings, but alter the experience in a more profound way. But now we need to understand if all that glitters is really gold.

But to what extent will it really be feasible (and profitable)?

On paper and at first glance everything always seems beautiful, but it is worthwhile to pause to weigh even those that could turn into problems.

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First of all let's analyze where the idea of ​​this AI comes from: Sony. This means that it will be an innovation available on PlayStation titles, probably. On the other hand, in most cases, video games land on multiple platforms; the AI ​​promises not only to change the difficulty level from the menu, thus implying that it is something to insert during programming. This means that will it be available only for Sony exclusives? Or will the company also allow (under a fee) to use this technology on other platforms? This should be clarified, given that we have seen many novelties that can only be exploited by a very small circle of games (and they never lasted very long).

I also sincerely hope that it is a feature that can be activated and deactivated at will user. Some titles are born to be difficult and make this aspect their strong point. Additionally, some players may prefer a deliberately very high (or very low) challenge; seeing that Sony's AI force the difficulty might not please too much. After all, it is still a matter of deceiving the player, perhaps making him believe he has improved when instead it is the challenge that varies.

The last question, but certainly not least, it is the one concerning the data. Here, all the more reason, I repeat that at the moment I speak out of ignorance and fear. In any case it would be interesting to understand what type of data is collected by the individual user in order to make this tool work.

Final considerations

I raised some doubts and possible problems, but don't get me wrong; I don't want to be a boomer on duty e I don't want to leave biased. Maybe it will be a great novelty and even the pro-gamers of Dark Souls will be able to enjoy new fantastic and amazing deaths, with bosses even more determined to take away the feeble souls they possess.

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I just wonder if this is what the gaming world needs and what can really represent an evolution. Does an artificial difficulty improve the user experience or does it just delude him that he is improving, so as to give him an extra incentive to continue playing and not be overwhelmed by frustration?

One thing is certain: the video games that will use this AI from Sony will certainly put the emphasis on the storytelling, as the difficulty will be modulated so that the former does not lose its rhythm. But the hope is also to see a Psycho Mantis 2.0; in other words, enemies who really seem to understand our moves and adapt to them.

Source: Gamesradar

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