News [RUMOR] Batman: a new title in the Arkham saga in the works?

In the past hours a former employee of Warner Bros. Montreal leaked some details on a hypothetical on Reddit new chapter in the Arkham saga of Batman the announcement of which seems to be scheduled for 8 March. According to what was declared, the title entered development after the cancellation of the title dedicated to Suicide Squad, we report below what was declared.

We remind you that the following, in case the rumors are confirmed, could constitute SPOILERS.



  1. The game will be titled Batman: Arkham Insurgency and will take place 3 years after the events of Arkham Origins. The graphics engine will be the same as in Arkham Knight and has been in development since 2014.
  2. In the game will be present in addition to Batman also Dick Grayson who will play the role of Robin, according to the plot he has been in the role for about two years.
  3. The setting is located in a previously unexplored coastal area of ​​Gotham whose exterior size is approximately that of the three islands from Arkham Knight, the interiors have been enlarged allowing access to most of the buildings, in addition both the Bat -Cavern that the Wayne residence can be accessed via a quick travel system.
  4. The plot stems from a mass escape from Blackgate and the Arkham Asylum with several terrorist attacks throughout the city where the police are forced to interdict some areas of Gotham in which they have now completely lost control. This will be the main play area populated mainly by criminals and trapped citizens for Batman and Robin to rescue.
  5. The Batmobile will be present in the game, but it will be different. No more combat modes, but the controls will be tweaked to compensate. The combat will consist of chase sequences using their higher speed and better maneuverability than other vehicles to hit them with all the arsenal available to the Dark Knight's car. The missiles and the EMP device remain but will be joined by new armaments.
  6. Dual Play mode confirmed, but will be modified by introducing a series of special moves and combos to replace the dual takedown. Entire skill branches dedicated to this mode will be introduced.
  7. Combat has been extended to better accommodate one-on-one encounters. It's always about pressing the right keys at the right time, but it has a greater complexity than the structured attacks / counter-moves of the previous chapters.
  8. The main antagonists will be Owlman and the Court of Owls, although everything will mainly revolve around Owlman. The Court sees Batman's heroic deeds as a threat to their control, so they organize a criminal riot to get him out of the way.
  9. Other notable antagonists who will appear in the game are Maxie Zeus, the Dollmaker, Murder Moth, Anarky, Two-Face, Blockbuster, the Ventriloquist, Cornelius Stirk, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Dusan al Ghul, Mad Monk, Dala, Riddler and Joker. Joker will have an important role in the plot (he will collaborate in the planning of the mass escape from the Arkham asylum), he will not be the main villain and will operate on his own, even coming to help Batman and Robin when it is most advantageous.
  10. Alfred and Lucius Fox will be the main contacts in the game with Barbara Gordon who will be of help in some side missions, will have an unrequited interest in Dick Grayson.
  11. Unlike Arkham Knight there will be boss fights.
  12. The expected release window is November 2017, but it may be late as the official announcement was expected towards the end of 2016 but has been postponed.
We remind you that the points listed in this article are to be considered in all respects as rumors until confirmed or denied by Warner Bros. Montreal. If what the source said is confirmed, the new chapter of the Batman: Arkham series will be officially announced on March 8. Keep following us for any updates on the matter.





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