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Red Dead Redemption 2 between ethics, morals and microtransactions.

Having played Red Dead Redemption 2 catapulted me into a whirlwind of emotions and, between adrenaline and sentimental involvement, I find myself in reflect on how this work has addressed the issue of morality.

It is not easy to understand exactly why the value of "morally correct" is so closely linked only to the world of video games. Not to that of films, not to that of books, nor to that of other means of entertainment. Perhaps the reasons are to be found in the fact that the videogame media is still brought back ONLY to the very young age, but this justification does not hold up. Absolutely not. We are in 2020, maybe the cars won't fly yet, but society should mature enough to understand that the video game is a means of communicating emotions for each age group and should be treated as such.

The topics covered must not be censored!


And here we are at the usual. Red Dead Redemption 2 gets into the maze of morals right away; some elements dealt with, such as the Ku Klux Klan and the suffragettes, aroused external observers, outraged by the presence of such "delicate" elements. But it just comes to me to say: so what? Really, what's the problem? Properly dealing with hot topics within a video game can have excellent consequences. Doing so can make a topic known and educate users, young or old. Not talking about something to avoid raising scandals is almost comparable to prohibition; people who want to find out will do it anyway, but in the wrong ways.


An additional level of ethics can be found when dealing with a work of this type in the first person. The player can in fact choose a "good sheriff" or "infamous bandit" approach. This happens through the choices made in one's actions, based on how close they are to the concept of Honor. But is it "wrong" to choose the dark side? Should we be ashamed of going around doing unrepeatable acts? Absolutely not. A video game (also) serves to live situations different from real life and to immerse ourselves in roles that we could never cover otherwise. Watching movies like Scarface it's easy to sympathize with a criminal, but does that mean being a criminal yourself? For nothing. And in video games the concept is the same. Indeed, being a more immersive means of communication it can also act as a relief valve.

Those people who suffer from particular mental pathologies must obviously be excluded from this discourse, but this is a separate discussion. In those cases the problem lies in the mental health of the subjects and in their different way of perceiving a work of fantasy.

Ethics sometimes also shines through in the "micro" choices


The good taste in morality in Red Dead Redemption 2 is also evident from how the developers have included microtransactions in their title. Good taste is not only noticeable in how certain themes are treated, but also in some aspects of the gameplay. First of all the level of realism that the game manages to convey never ridicules the topics covered; even a brutal carnage is experienced in a heartfelt and profound way, making us reflect on its meaning.


Even more commendable is Rockstar Games' approach to microtransactions. Often they risk becoming the bane of online games, disintegrating the game balance with purchases that make the player's skill a secondary factor. Fortunately, this is not the case here. The use of real money is not at all encouraged and concerns only aesthetic elements or that speed up certain activities of the game.

When you are faced with similar situations there is little to discuss: microtransactions are just something additional, optional and not at all "money pin". The absence of a loot box completes the picture, averting any possible accusation of gambling. And luckily, I would add.

The moral is to do like Rockstar Games with Red Dead Redemption 2

In conclusion I can safely say that when the development team is made up of mature and honest people, the value of a video game also spreads in the field of ethics. As with any other means of communication, if anything, the problem lies in its incorrect use. Mein Kampf was an abomination, but luckily the world is full of wonderful books that can make the human mind sprout.

The risk of amorality statistically increases in the presence of small development teams. Emerging in the gaming market is not easy and frustration can sometimes lead to incorrect solutions to try to make cash. Sometimes greed is strong even in companies with a certain blazon, but this is fortunately not the case with Rockstar Games.

In my opinion Red Dead Redemption 2 is blatant proof of how video games can be produced honestly, profoundly and fully in line with morals that every person should develop.

Keep following us to stay informed about the influence of video games like Red Dead Redemption 2 on common morals!

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