News + Nintendo Switch: from console for families to console for all families

A commercial of Nintendo Switch. Who will read will ask "But this news more from News +, it seems from News"! And this is where you are wrong. In fact the Kyoto home, for the first time, he included in a commercial a gay couple. A sign of wanting to give a highly inclusive message to sell your own console. In fact, the message that the giant wants to convey is very strong.

He is implicitly saying that the Switch is a console suitable for all types of families. Where Sony and Microsoft play it on 4K and the loading speed of games, Nintendo plays the card of inclusiveness in his commercial. Except that ...

On the other side of the fence, homosexuals do not exist.

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Race and sex in video games

Tomodachi Life is a simulator real life, developed in 2014 for 3DS by Nintendo.The goal of the game was to be able to immerse the player in the game world as much as possible through the use of Mii. For the uninitiated, Mii are avatars, created by the player, and usable within Nintendo games.

The title was heavily criticized upon release because, it was not possible to celebrate same-sex marriages. Imagine creating your avatar and not being able to "impersonate your sexuality". Especially in a real life simulator. It has the absurd! Counting that already The Sims, another life simulator, it allowed homosexual relationships in The Sims 2. And let's talk about a 2004 game!

The excuses leave, not the desire to resolve

Nintendum: Nintendo thinks so much about everyone that its fanbase makes an ad nintendum redutcio for any product that comes out on the market.

After the criticism, Nintendo from its site, writes apologies that sound more or less like "We apologize, but we don't want to make any changes to the game". And it's sad as a thing. A company that, with the release of Wii, presents itself to the public as a company which makes the video game a medium accessible to all, cannot afford to eliminate part of the user. You don't make your medium inclusive. You may very well think it was some kind of misstep, since they haven't changed the feature in the game, but they still said that in the next Tomodachi, same-sex relationships will be allowed.

Symbol that for the company, perhaps, the opinions of its buyers count for something. Certainly the commercial of Switch, it has the only one. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, including a gay couple gives a strong signal to the public. Indeed it was the first and only, to want to turn their gaze to a slice of the public forgotten by competitors. It is hoped that, in the near future, such messages will be more and more frequent. Making the medium we love inclusive and accessible for all.

So does inclusive games exist?

Tries have been made over the years. Unfortunately, the results have been disastrous many times. Let's take Overwatch as an example. In that title, unfortunately, having put homosexual characters was more of a gimmick marketing. In an Fps Arena, knowing a person's sexual orientation doesn't help empathize. For example The Last of Us: Part 2. As the character's writing of Ellie and its orientation, were needed to be able to set up a discourse of inclusiveness, even when the world has now gone to be blessed. And that in a world now adrift, there is no longer a distinction between straight and homosexual. Surely in the mainstream panorama it is possible to report "Gone Home“, A walking simulator that addresses the struggle of LGBTQ + communities during the early 90s.

Tries have been made over the years. Unfortunately, the results have been disastrous many times

And in the Indie scene?

In the Indie scene there are many other titles to report. Among these, I would like to point out, "Coming Out Simulator" by Nicky Case. Partially autobiographical work and released for free. The story emphasizes the difficulty of coming out, but above all on the choices and how they define our being.

Nintendo's move, after Tomodachi Life's misstep, is meant to be a first e serious opening, on the inclusiveness of this medium. We hope that also in the near future, many other companies will want to go down this path.

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