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Fortnite makes Agnelli tremble for the future of his Juventus (and football).

Think about how much effect it could have if someone like the president of the Juventus Agnelli were to declare rivalry to something of the caliber of Fortnite? You think it really happened. It is known that it is now in fashion demonize whatever the collective mind does not consider "normal", and video games are still trudging to their place in acceptance. But perhaps a step has been taken.

Is anyone accepting the reality of things?

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FIFA 20: the review of the new EA Sports title An important statement, that of Agnelli - even if perhaps a little paranoid. It is true that thanks to esports, video games are gaining visibility worldwide; to classify them as "opponents" of physical sports, however, is perhaps a bit overdoing it. But this is not the point.

Whether you are a fan of Juventus, Fortnite or even Agnelli (or all of them) it doesn't matter: this piece is a bit an outlet for those of you (me first) who have always lived in realities that ghettoize him for his passion. We live daily persecuted by great moralizers, who remind us how childish it is to play video games "At our age". We live constantly chased by great men - perhaps "professional" footballers - who do nothing but remind us how we will be marked for life by the stigma of the loser. And no, there is no salvation even if those in front of us renew FIFA or PES annually: that is what it is a men's game. Other than games where you play the astronaut or shoot spells.

But then they are tears when the FIFA 20 esports close the doors to Juventus.

Only at that point, finally, does someone left without their own image in a game realize how many others exist, and that one of them is gaining menacingly ground. He realizes, in poor terms, how a world of losers he has nothing to fear from his, and that perhaps it could be the other way around very soon. All that remains is to warn everyone to be at attention, a bit as if you were about to go to war.

In reality of wars there are none. Football and video games will continue to coexist each in their own world, encroaching on each other only for the annual FIFA or PES, which the usual four fans will buy for 70 euros and resell to get a third of the expenses back. To then see the same record they sold on a shelf, resold to only 10 euro. In reality it happens to every title in the world, but games of the genre are famous for the dizzying depreciation at resale.

Perhaps this also indicates how much the world around football can sometimes be worth.

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How widespread is video game addiction? It's about a world that often wants criticize anyone who is just outside, taking an interest in anything else and disdaining those two teams that kick a bloated ball of money for 90 minutes. A world that feels strong only because those who participate in it are real and are in front of the cameras, inspiring what is now a culture. But on the other hand, as I said, there is really nothing to make war on, because football and video games appeal to two different types of people: those who look at individual greatness and the mere reality of things, and those (losers) who crave a means of communication that conveys deep emotions and values, perhaps framed by a little color.

But the appeal is for everyone: the world is not alone black or white. A football, for example, is of both colors, and accepts abstract values ​​and real ambitions at the same time. The problem is, he gets kicked.

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