News + Google Stadia and Amazon Luna united for a Cloud Gaming without exclusives

Amazon burns 500 million dollars the year for a gaming division that never took off, Google cut the internal studies by Stadia. If streaming is truly the future of video games, well, it's a future without the concept of exclusive right.

"If Athens cries, Sparta does not laugh". Within a few days, a Bloomberg report arrives that talks, or rather gossip, about Amazon Game Studios and an official statement from Google that puts the SG&E teams in the Stadia offline. The future of gaming, as they have sold it to us, seems to point in an orphaned direction of the concept of exclusivity. At least of exclusive first party, of the blockbuster “to Sony”, waiting to understand what will be the moves of Microsoft with xCloud.

Where is the streaming video game going (and where does it want to go)?

Amazon's nightmare forges

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The investigation signed by Jason Schreier speaks very clearly. Amazon's Game Studios look more like Corrado's Corrida than their counterparts at Microsoft and Sony. You paid theinexperience of executives placed in command of the division, which - for example - struggled to grasp the difference between concept footage and the actual gameplay of a video game. Desperate for a successful product, the studios then tried to launch their versions of competing titles. Nova, canceled in 2017, was supposed to sound like a League of Legend. Intensity wanted to be Amazon's Fortnite. Crucible, who was unplugged last October, was heavily influenced by Overwatch.

Amazon Game Studios currently cost Bezos $ 500 million a year. About five times the cost of the average PlayStation First Party. It is an investment that the company can easily afford, because we are talking about one of the largest giants on the market. But that's undoubtedly a huge waste, especially considering Amazon has two channels that can potentially really push a domestic product hard: Twitch e Prime Video.

After the Netflix series, many have donated a penny to their Witcher

Prime Video could be a very important asset, and a real added value given that at the moment the competition is hiding from this point of view. Sony is guilty late and does not have a proprietary platform, unless you imagine an enrichment of PlayStation Plus. Idea that had already been timidly tested in 2016 with Powers, distributed via PlayStation Network. However, Amazon lacks the recall titles, and apparently the know-how necessary. Where the Boys was a phenomenon on Prime Video, Game Studios have been unable to create anything original.

And in fact Luna, the response to Stadia signed by Bezos, does not have no first party titles in the catalog.

The future of Stadia is Cyberpunk

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It is - again - CD Projekt Red's fault, in a way. A few months ago Cyberpunk 2077 is presented in sub-optimal conditions on the shelves (and in the e-stores) and basically the options to play it are two: have a PC or buy it on Stadia. Parallel to the launch of the title, Google is also launching an interesting promotion. Pre-ordering or purchasing the game on Stadia while supplies last, you get Stadia Premiere for free.

The result is that the operation works great, perhaps the first real big success of the platform since his baptism. This is where the idea was born that perhaps, rather than obsessively trying to produce an exclusive appeal, the way could be that of engage in conversions of third party securities. It is Stadia that finally chooses who to contact. Because the core player, the one who already has his own gaming platform (either PC or console), for the same price will buy the game on his reference channel. Why spend € 60 for a game that I can only play when connected to the Internet with the risk that the connection may fail?

The speech changes when you have no alternatives: it is there that Stadia really becomes attractive

Cyberpunk 2077 was a (un) lucky coincidence, but there are a lot of people out there who can't or won't switch to machines of new generation. PS5 and Xbox Series S | X arrive on the shelves with the dropper, and the situation will continue like this for quite a while. This is where Google wants to enter, placing itself as the best option for those who want to play on next-gen bypassing the paywall of 500 € imposed by Microsoft and Sony. It will probably imply not proposing any exclusivity, but it is a sensible choice. Why let's face it:

Stadia must come armed to the teeth to confront the elephant in the xCloud room.

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