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Educating in video games is the goal of the project Edugamers for kids 4.0, a videogame initiative. The idea starts from the Turin Onlus Grow up together, active for more than 40 years in the field of educational services. The ambitious project, promoted on the Crowdfunding portal Eppela, required the achievement of the budget of 5.000 euros, easily overcome last November 20. This alone serves as a measure of the interest of the families behind this initiative.

Natives vs Digital Migrants

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Video games, between isolation and social alternative The generational clash is now underway. Parents who try to understand what their children do, locked in their bedrooms for hours, with the fear of gaming disorder and addiction to video games lurking. The problem ofHikikomori, by now, it is a question that also affects society and, in particular, the new generations. The fears and worries are many, perhaps too many, and the solutions that can be used are outdated and out of fashion.

How can we bridge this generation gap? Who can take the form of an educator and a gamer at the same time?

And here comes theEdugamer, the key figure of the initiative. He is none other than the prototype of the perfect gamer, the ring that connects the interests of parents with that of children, to create a mutual communication exchange on issues relating to video games. This figure will play online with the boys with the sole intent of stimulating one in them videogame awareness wide-ranging. He will help them see beyond the video game, and to discover the emotions and fears that a joypad can stimulate.

The gaming compass

Incorrect video game:
If playing video games isn't changing your life, you haven't figured it out. Education is not, in itself, an easy thing and this makes their labors even more herculean. The edugamer will lend a hand to these parents and, almost like a compass, it will guide them into this new dimension and allow them to defeat all your fears.

The playing spaces have now changed. Before we played hide-and-seek, guard and thieves, we found ourselves under the house, we organized a game with small doors (soccer with small doors), you tried with the unreachable girl (just for the fun of it and already knowing that it would be was a failure). And now I'm here and I look at these past things as a distant memory. Now we have the VR viewers that displace you, zero time, in any virtual reality, we have FIFA and VOLTA, we have social networks. Everything is much simpler, apparently.

I feel almost like a ferryman and yes, a compass is convenient for me. Even just to discuss my role as a dad and gamer. I would like to ask him how to bring my son closer to one of the wonders of the world, video games. I would like to understand what could potentially be the first warning signs of a potential form of addiction.

The questions are many, but I finally have someone to answer me. Educating in video games is finally possible thanks to the Edugamers for kids 4.0 project.

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