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Is it a chance to make money with video games?

Imagine if you could supplement your salary by doing what you like best. No, close Twitch and Youtube, they are not necessary. Think for example of to collect cards or capture pocket creatures (a bit like Pokémon), carving out a few moments of free time. Imagine, in short, making money with video games - and having an exclusive only yours, even better than The Last Of Us. No better because it is more beautiful: better because it is literally yours and yours alone.

Bitcoin: This is a name that you may have heard from time to time, wondering what it was. We want to get to the gist of the matter soon, so know that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a "digital penny" in short, and as such you will never see any banknotes or coins. There are more than one cryptocurrencies, basically anyone can create them. The technology behind these digital currencies is blockchain - a chain of blocks, within each of which transactions (exchanges, actions between users) are recorded. A safe system to carry out any type of action, even currency exchange, confident in the reliability of what is happening. Blocks and transactions are then recorded in a large shared register, accessible to all but unchangeable a bit like the legendary tables of the commandments.

The technology is quite recent compared to many others, still under study. Not even the time to create it for Satoshi, here comes the practical application in the videogame field. We therefore present the decentralized video games.

Imagine that you are branding your Pokémon.

It is no coincidence that I choose the pocket monster game from Game Freak. You know how you can give a nickname to newly caught or obtained Pokémon? It's a nice way (like any other) to give you the idea that that specimen is yours - "it has a name decided by me, no one else has it". Blockchain video games like CryptoKitties take this concept to the extreme. Considered the progenitor and representative of the category among blockchain video games, cryptokittens, for example, are generated on the spot. This is done by combining characteristics, or "attributes", so that each generation is unique in the world, and the newborn feline is assigned a unique code which makes it even more unique. How, indeed, if you had it branded on fire.

What does the story of making money have to do with video games?
Loot box! When you are not making money with video games

Many of these "crypto games" are based on Ethereum, a cryptocurrency, and allow you to trade your kittens / Pokémon by selling them for currency. As you progress in these video games you will be able to earn Ethereum, to spend to buy new characters or useful items - as happens in EOS Dynasty, an RPG. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies can be converted almost all into real money.

On the downside, to start crypto games it is necessary load a minimum fund cryptocurrency into your virtual wallet to buy your first mate - and let me tell you, Ethereum isn't cheap. In fact, in Ethereum-based blockchains, it is necessary to use currency to carry out any transaction: an éscamotage conceived as security measure in exchanges. "If you have no money, you are nobody".

What if an exclusive could be your exclusive?

To learn more:
Galeotto was Epic Games Store: is it good to fight against Steam? It is clear that for some the exclusives have a great impact on the choice of a new console and also on one's psyche. No, blockchain video games cannot offer you a game that is yours alone - but an experience that is yours, certainly yes. There is everything you want in this type of games, from collection to multiplayer to experience so personalized as to be unique. Buy two kittens, generate a unique one of its kind and exchange it for another to create a unique one, which you can sell to buy another one. And even if you sell a card in Gods Unchained, it will forever be yours. History behind any virtual object it will be immutable, it will have your name (well encrypted) written on it and everyone will know where and who it came from.

The world of crypto games is waiting to be discovered. Behind the complications lies the potential, able to enrich the player both in terms of experience and portfolio. Making money with video games is a bit of a dream for all of us. The beauty is that it is not even all there: any investment we make in a character, Ethermon, card, any milestone will be recorded in a stone table that everyone can consult but no one can modify. Our name will go down in history in one way or another, along with our choices. From these everyone will be able to learn teaching and advice at the same time. The sense of distributed video game is also this: there is no real center, not ownership, no licenses. Everything belongs to everyone, but everything is first of all of the individual.

Besides, isn't that what we want?

Decentralized video games, without the triple A companies forcing you to buy DLC to keep up. But above all a recognition of our efforts, without necessarily having to lead to esports. We want to play PvP in our spare time, supplementing the salary and maybe spending something on that super cool item or super strong, and after spending it remember that it was not in vain. Open the story of that item months later, and read that you bought it with in-game efforts and that it was worth you more than a win, before ending up in the trunk. We want a future in which we pay for the effort of others, but we also gain proportionally from it. We want to walk into a store and be told that some of what we pay goes into a virtual wallet, and that we can use it for the initial build.

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