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Given the episodic nature of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it may arise spontaneously to ask if any DLC proposed by Square Enix they serve the cause. Predictably, a lot of interest has been generated around the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade, with the happiness of seeing unpublished content arrive such as the introduction of the beloved Yuffie. The possibility of being able to receive a premature contextualization of the character, however, becomes a double-edged sword in perspective.

Definitely a fantastic opportunity to deepen the personal stories of some of the protagonists. On the other hand, there is also the great risk of making clumsy previews for the "main" chapters (or worse, releasing preparatory contents for understanding them).

What direction is Final Fantasy VII Remake taking?

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It must be said that it is a mystery how we intend to continue with the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake in the next chapters. It is easy to understand how the plot of the original chapter has been heavily reworked (especially near the end). Therefore, many doubts remain about what turn the events we are all fond of could take.

This element makes the discussion quite an end in itself. Hoping that the narrative of this remake "saga" broadly follows the lines traced by the original chapter, natural perplexities arise regarding the introduction of additional content.

The "case" Yuffie opens a discourse that, looking forward, could be applied to many of the characters present within the universe of Final Fantasy VII. What kind of content will we have? What direction is the operation taking? But most of all, Do you really need DLCs for the Final Fantasy VII Remake project?

An alarm bell for the future of the project?

The writer is perfectly aware of the potential of the setting and the iconic characters. However, I remain of the idea that it is precisely the in-depth analysis of these two elements that represent an inestimable value for the Remake operation. The perplexities arise in the moment in which it is considered the form in which these contents are packaged and offered to the public. In the main chapter, the added contextualizations for some of the secondary characters (for example, the work done on the character of Jesse) certainly proved invaluable. The concerns concern the willingness of the development team to focus on producing additional content rather than the next chapter.

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It obviously falls into speculation, but it is impossible to deny how this is DLC can be interpreted as an alarm bell for the future of the project. It seems to suggest the desire to exploit as much as possible the success found with the first (and only, for the moment) chapter. At the moment, in fact, there is no clear statement of the amount of chapters that we will see on the shelves with the title "Final Fantasy VII Remake". The release of the DLC could therefore point the finger at the actual lack of a roadmap defined for the project. The change of role of the Director also suggests Tetsuya Nomura, recently moved to Creative Director.

Recent statements

The very recent interviews released by Nomura they aim to solve some knots related to future plans, revealing that no further plans are currently foreseen DLC. It is then pointed out that the team's efforts are now focused on the development of the new main chapter, the second part of the entire project. Nomura also pointed out that originally only the conversion was planned PS5, with the project Intergrade used as a preparation for development on the next generation console. In conclusion, the Creative Director explicitly declares that there will be no others DLC before the release of the new chapter.

The premature introduction of a character like Zack, represents a problematic precedent

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Beyond the production considerations, the question remains consistent even if we think about the narrative sector of the work. Do you really need DLCs for the Final Fantasy VII Remake project?
If we consider these contents as an accurate and additional study, parallel to the unfolding of the events in the main chapters and not necessary to understand the story in its entirety, they could be interesting opportunities to contextualize some of the most mysterious characters present within the work. original (think of Vincent, for example, originally developed only thanks to the events of Dirge of Cerberus).

However, the concern is legitimate, if not taken for granted. The premature introduction of a character like Zack, in the first part of the remake operation, represents a problematic precedent, a clear declaration of the intention of wanting to mention other spin-offs of the saga (past or future) as necessary for understanding what is happening on screen.

What awaits us in the future?

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In short, the initial choice to divide the original game into several episodes was supported by the much vaunted opportunities to provide a more defined vision of some events and characters. It might have been expected, therefore, that such insights would be included within the main chapters. Although this was partly done within the first episode, there is still the intrinsic hint of something external, additional.

It is not just a change of direction from the initial statements. It is a maneuver that in practice is carried out in a rough, disconnected way, probably born from the idea of ​​upsetting the events following the controversial final on the motorway. However, it remains clear that, to date, this speech is premature. But in the light of what has been said, it will be particularly interesting to approach a Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade and in particular al Yuffie's DLC. By verifying the content to confirm or deny the many doubts, we could recognize the direction that Square Enix has decided to take, or the total lack of it.

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