News + Cyberpunk 2077 - Investors want to sue CD Projekt RED

Investors of the multinational want to sue CD Projekt RED for "False advertising, capable of increasing the quotations on the stock exchange"

There is no peace for CD Projekt RED these days. The development house, after seeing their own game be removed from the Sony store e having started the refund campaign, sees another thorny issue approaching. The Warsaw development house, in fact, will perhaps have to face a class action, by its investors, for "False advertising, capable of increasing the quotations on the stock exchange".

At the moment, therefore, this action would appear to be one of a kind. Of course, in the history of gaming there have been other class actions against various companies, among these we can remember: that of No Man's Sky, the various class action at EA and Alien: Colonials Marines, Fortnite; but never like that.

The No Man's Sky case

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What makes the news more unique than rare, in fact, is that this time it was investors who wanted to start a class action. Not like the ones mentioned above, which are left by users. Let's take for example "No Man's Sky". We all more or less remember the sensation it made at the exit. Most of the features promised during development did not exist in the final version in the game. Of course, thanks also to the various updates, today we find ourselves a small pearl of the game, but at the time the game underwent a class action for "Misleading Advertising". The legal question was brought forward by theASA, a cooperative of British class action lawyers. What can be seen, however, after the analysis made by the ASA, is that there was no precondition for taking Hello Games to court.

So not even Cyberpunk?

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This question can be answered with an evergreen: It depends. In fact, this time we are not talking about players, but about people who invested their money in the company and from one day to the next saw a part of the savings. burned. In this case, it is not the gamers who have been wronged, but also those who believed in the project and wanted to contribute. Unfortunately at the moment there is no other news on the subject, so we just have to wait.

I always think that at present the game is a scam for the consumer, given the pitiful state in which it pours. As for the class action by investors, I believe it is their right to see this clearly. Since the title has lost beyond the 30% shares, small and medium-sized savers have seen their money burned. Quite right that those who have been wronged can defend themselves, but it is hoped that this move will not become a leitmotif to be able to punish a developer more. Already the removal from the PS Store it was a serious blow to the company's image, seeing it even in court would certainly not help.

I hope in the future to no longer see software houses in court. Rather, I hope that, all the more reason, they can release games as promised.

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