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Maybe education can change too

You have already read it in the title: theUniversity of Macerata lands (literally) on Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Historical record and world record among other things, given that it is the first academic reality to appear on the Nintendo product. This idea follows that trend that also saw Biden land from America directly on the island of Toom Nook for the his election campaign.

A trend that I am convinced will not end here, given the recent updates regarding Covid-19. I could stand here to explain to you that the idea comes from creating one virtual community spaceand for all those people who, for reasons related to a global pandemic or for any other previous factor, cannot live one of the fundamental components of the university path: the community. It is not necessary. The words spoken by the same professor at the head of the project are enough:

We started from the hypothesis of designing and building a UniMc “island”, where students could (and can) meet and interact thanks to customized models. From the construction of the island, to the sharing of important topics for the period they were experiencing, the island allowed to give voice to the different expressive potentials, taking advantage of each student's favorite ways of interacting. The project made it possible to enhance the various communication styles and create different customization paths to continue meeting, in such a delicate period as the one that the students, especially sharing, were going through.

Catia Giaconi


All beautiful and all colorful, but where is the really interesting thing? Well, we can enclose everything in the word that is the title of this paragraph: synergy. Yes, of course, the idea of ​​the University of Macerata to create its own island on Animal Crossing: New Horizon is interesting, but in reality this is the confirmation of what we have said several times, and coincidentally with this same title: l entertainment is a priority.

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Entertainment is the key to breaking down all social barriers and crossing all distances. All. And this is possible thanks to the synergy between the parties. Faces, ideas, people, minds that collaborate together thanks to the most powerful tool on earth: the video game. An instrument that opens the doors to a truly fluid reality that does not discriminate against anyone. Inclusiveness in life, and not just in video games, is a goal that the human being has yet to achieve, and it is thanks to these initiatives that we can make giant steps every day. Sure, arguably the most media-based and free game of all has been chosen, but Fortnite is doing the same thing.

The key word - explained Professor Giaconi - was synergy, a good example of a network for a philosophy of inclusion

Synergy. Creating something new not only for yourself but also for others. Entertainment is a weapon to be wielded and used to one's advantage. This is the real power of video games, and academia he is finally realizing it. Cross your fingers because hopefully in the near future we will see more and more similar initiatives and, who knows, maybe one day we will get to see video games at school.

We needed a pandemic to make us understand all this ...

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