My Friend Pedro review, the crazy side of a platformer

Comes to PS4 console My Friend Pedro, a game that has attracted to itself, like a magnet, one our rece-guide. I know this game quite well, which is why I decide to abandon the role of semi-serious columnist and tell you about my personal gaming experience. It is the classic game that "I feel mine". After the age of wild gaming, the desire for the classic game of the last quarter of an hour is always felt. What after an intense gaming session with Resident Evil 3, it makes you slow down before going to sleep. Do not make the same mistake as me, My Friend Pedro is not "that little game", even if I was convinced that it was.

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Yet when I first played it, it managed to be. At the time, in 2014, when it was called MFP: My Friend Pedro, and was conceived as a browser game written in Adobe Flash, it succeeded in this intent. In 6 years, many things have changed. DeadToast Entertainment e Devolver Digital they brought this video game, first on PC, and then on Switch and Xbox One, until it arrives today on PS4. Gameplay and graphics matured, also thanks to the use of Unity. I know this graphic engine well and I know very well what it is capable of doing. Mosaic e 7th Sector they were, for me, nice demonstrations of Unity's real potential.

I took the pad back in my hand, with that memory of when I was playing MFP in my spare time, (extra) convinced of being assailed by nostalgia and memories. Instead, I found myself in a spiral of adrenaline-pumping madness in full Wanted style. Free violence, rivers of bullets e so healthy bullet time. Ah, I forgot the banana, which wins the Oscar for supporting actor. Every now and then our masked protagonist listens to it as if it were his conscience. In reality, between the two, it is difficult to distinguish who is in their right mind.

Blood. Bullets. Bananas.

A real carnage

The slogan says a lot about the issues that are faced in the game. I have already told you about the banana. This appears to our protagonist providing useful advice also in terms of gameplay. In addition to guiding us in the tutorial, it occasionally takes us into an imaginary world, almost as if it were a typical bonus level of a classic platformer. The originality of this personification, however crazy, has managed to break through my heart, for the umpteenth time. Let's focus on the word for a few moments "Blood". My Friend Pedro does the gratuitous violence is its backbone. Each level is a real carnage.

This is a bit of the trademark of the video game and does not know in any way the word "censorship". Even if sometimes there are real “splatter-like” sequences, the narrative style is always based on irony. The leap into the void to kill Santa Claus, for example, says a lot about the meaning of this word.

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We come to the third and final term, "Bullets". Bullets are the core component of My Friend Pedro's gameplay. To put your crazy plan into action (which I still don't understand very well today) you have to take your weapons and create your symphony. Handguns, submachine guns, shotguns and heavy machine guns will be just some of your musical instruments. As you progress through the levels, you will get better and better, managing to create perfect melodies. Just remember to eliminate off-key notes. A good composer always does a clean job.

There is, however, another word I want to insert. It always starts with the "B" and it is "Ballet". This examines the style of play, influenced by the presence of "Bullet Time". The last time I saw this mode in a video game it was with Max Payne. While the gameplay was different, there's a lot of that showmanship. Indeed, in My Friend Pedro, your personal acrobatic ballet, made up of somersaults and dives into the void, it works as a multiplier score. The more spectacularly you kill enemies, the higher your grade will be at the end of the level.  

The target is always the cursed "S".

Platform or shooter?

When we talk about a video game, our brain forces us to do it fall into a well-defined genre. This is most likely part of our gamer build. This requires us to understand the logic and mechanisms of the game before playing. Sometimes, however, when we are faced with "hybridizations" this process enters into crisis. I don't agree whether to include My Friend Pedro in a specific genre. The first time I ever played MFP I had a crazy thought, which, years later, I still remember vividly.

Heck, it looks like Super Mario broke his nerve of eating mushrooms and butting the walls. Pissed off like a beast with the world, he put on a mask and decided to wreak havoc.

Me, the first time I played MFP: My Friend Pedro

not just brawn and violence, but a little bit of brains as well

As absurd as my consideration was, I still consider it valid today. My Friend Pedro manages to to make the typical elements of a platformer and those of a shooter interact. In reality these are bent to his will, they "mix" but never bother. The level design is typical of a platformer. DeadToast Entertainment, to revive the situation has also included small puzzles and puzzles. Not just muscles and violence, then, but also a little brain. The design of the settings, even if on a graphic level we have seen better, sometimes manages to be original as well.

If the platform is the shell, that of the shooter is the heart of the video game. Although we can go around it, using sophisticated phrases, in the end only one thing counts in My Friend Pedro: shoot and kill. The way you do it is the real "cool" of the video game. It's hard to get into the vortex of repetition with My Friend Pedro. The AI ​​of the enemies improves from level to level so you always have to find a way to get out of complicated situations. Your stunts, once the bullet time is activated, become almost hypnotic.

Killing yes, but with style

As we told you before, the "shooter" element is the heart of the gameplay of My Friend Pedro. But this is not the simple run-jump-shoot, typical of shoot-em-up platformers. DeadToast Entertainment builds a real philosophy of playor, which requires creativity but also strategy. Let's start with a first axiom: the framing and the game view are not ends in themselves. If you switch from a zoom to a wide angle, the game is telling you something. It wants to tell you something about the level design and the enemies you will face shortly thereafter.

Right now you have to decide what to do.

  • I jump through the window as I dodge the bullets in the air.
  • I use the pulley, activate the bullet time and while I slide I put myself upside down and unleash the hell, before breaking the window
  • I go down with the skateboard and, at the end of the steep descent, I jump and kick the skate that goes towards the window, sending it to pieces.

killing is also a matter of style

You see how many different ways I broke the same window. Behind there is a reasoning which takes into account the number of enemies, their and my weapons, the surrounding environment and the objects I can use. In addition to shooting, you must also be able to dodge bullets. The presence of bullet time, in addition to being spectacular, is useful for reducing laps and thinking about what to do. As important as strategy and creativity are, they must too also take into account the style of the killings. How you play your symphony of death is an integral part of the gameplay.

It is no coincidence that a combo multiplier appears at the top right as you hoard enemies. If you are quick and quick to clear the level you will be rewarded with a good score. I, for example, set myself some personal challenges to obtain an ever higher grade at the end of the level e bring up the coveted "S".

Do you see why My Friend Pedro cannot be considered a game of the last quarter of an hour?
Do you understand what that browser game released in 2014 has really become?
Verdict 8/10 Platform madness Comment In the beginning it was a browser game and now it's on consoles. My Friend Pedro has come a long way and now, as then, he still manages to amuse himself with his ironic madness. Unity helps the gameplay, characterized by an action and frenetic vein. The elements that make up the level design stand out for their originality and style. The presence of bullet time mode helps to appreciate the crazy stunts, useful for the multiplier of kills. The port on PS4 is, from a graphic point of view, little used. Arm yourself with creativity, you will need a lot. Pros and cons Original level design
Crazy and hypnotic gameplay
Bullet time amplifies the fun x Unused graphic porting
x Not localized in Spanish

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