Minecraft: Guardians of Zelda Breath of the Wild comes to life in the sandbox

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There's room for everything in the huge, fantastic world of Minecraft. The Mojang sandbox still remains one of the most popular and popular videogame experiences on the market today, so much so that the community of enthusiasts is always bigger and stronger. We have recently seen how a group of players have managed to build a city full of details, but there is another creation that is incredible and that adds an element of the acclaimed The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild to the title.

Let's talk about Guardians, the fearsome enemies who play a role of primary importance within the Nintendo epic (you can buy it on Amazon). Now, a group of Minecraft enthusiasts thought it was a great idea to put these behemoths inside the sandbox, and who can blame them?! The final result was shown with a video published by the youtuber CRAIY, who highlighted his creation on his YouTube channel, telling us various curiosities.

The youtuber didn't limit himself to making this creation just for the fun of it, but a datapack was also created which is freely downloadable. The Guardians, in fact, are just a latest addition for a Minecraft datapack all themed The Legend of Zelda, in which players will be able to interface with diced versions of Bokoblins, sheika tablets, Sheikah towers and a host of other objects and enemies from the magnificent world of Breath of the Wild.

  • If you love the two gaming worlds, know that you are perfectly free to download this new datapack for Minecraft comfortably at this address. As for the installation, everything is very simple, given that the youtuber has left a series of very orderly instructions on all the steps you will need to do to correctly install the pack with the elements of Tthe Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

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