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Son of a Nintendo in full renewal phase, Miitomo is the first title in the Big N that marks its debut on smartphones and tablets Android e iOS. Announced last October during the annual investor meeting, Miitomo was the subject of strong discussion by those who naively expected the arrival of Mario, Link and company on devices other than Nintendo consoles. It is also born with Miitomo My Nintendo, new version of the old Club Nintendo, a loyalty program aimed at rewarding its members with gifts that can be obtained by completing missions of various kinds (many of which are connected to the Miitomo itself) or by making purchases in the Nintendo eShop.
We spent a few days in the company of our virtual alter ego, a Mii who resembles us in every way, perhaps a bit shrewd but ready to get noticed in the "new" social app from Nintendo. Let's discover the curious world of Miitomo together.

Version tested: Android

You are a Miitomo
Miitomo is a revised version, corrected and designed with a view to a social network of Tomodachi Life

For those who are wondering what Miitomo is, the answer is easy to say: a revised "lite" version, corrected and designed from the point of view of a social network of Tomodachi Life, the life simulator based on Mii released in June 2014 on 3DS in Europe (in Japan the series has been successful for several years). For its first smartphone app, Nintendo decides to focus on interaction and sociability, which on balance is one of the primary uses we make of it in the era of Facebook, reworking the Tomodachi Life formula, which goes well with this concept, and packaging a product that can also be used by those usually unrelated to the world of video games (classic casual gamers). Once you have started Miitomo, the first step will be to create your own Mii, the avatar that will accompany us in our virtual adventure, creating it from scratch with the rich editor that allows you to start from the base of a photograph (if you don't have a Mii) or by taking advantage of one of the possibilities offered (via QR Code or Nintendo Network ID) to import one already used on 3DS or Wii U. Once we have established the appearance we will move on to choose some values ​​that will determine the personality of the Mii and its characteristics, as well as the tone of the voice with which it will communicate with the other Miitomo "inhabitants". After the customization part we can immediately interface with our Mii, answering some questions that will be later topics for discussion with other players as soon as we are going to add new contacts, with the possibility of bringing all those on your list into the circle of friends, both on Facebook and Twitter, as well as having a list of suggested players based on mutual friendships.

Compared to Tomodachi Life, where theinteraction was passive and purely voyeuristic, in which the Miis did (almost) all the dirty work, here we will be sucked into a sort of "made in Nintendo" version of Ask.fm: we will have to (always in a fairly "guided" way) answer the questions that will be asked by the game, to which our friends can comment or provide us with their personal vision based on the topics covered, from the favorite dish to the tastes in terms of TV series or famous people. Miitomo obviously gives its best if taken in a light-hearted manner and with the right amount of humor, which in combination with the reactions of closest friends is capable of unleashing a healthy humor. Also thanks to the excellent performance of the Mii, the only and only protagonists, who with their animations and the ability to speak through a speech synthesizer (which makes everything extremely comical even the most serious speech) manage to steal precious hours in their company.

Tell me your darkest secret
Miifoto is one of the funniest game options

In addition to the part dedicated to socialization, in Miitomo we find some options that allow us to pass the time and prove to be excellent for the hit and run experience that it tries to propose. In addition to the sections dedicated to Risposte (both ours and friends), in which every activity is reported through specific push notifications, we have the option to add new contacts, the shop to customize the appearance of the Mii or try our luck with Unhook Mii, pachinko-like slots in which to collect thematic clothing by spending game coins or bonus tickets. The last item that can be reached is that of the Menu, which contains all the various options dedicated to customization (from Mii modification to Wardrobe, to the various preset greetings), the gift box, in which the bonuses obtained by constantly playing Miitomo will be collected and the most interesting of all, Miifoto.


With Miifoto we will be able to use up to a maximum of 5 Miis to create compositions to be immortalized and shared. In Miifoto there is only one rule, and that is to give free rein to one's imagination to create the funniest and funniest photos ever. The editor made available allows you to change the pose of the Mii and its expressions, with a high number of different animations or even use a preset background or import images from the gallery of your device, up to the addition of stickers and writings. The photos then they can be used to "animate" the comments of their friends or shared on social networks through the appropriate option, so from expand the effectiveness of the game outside the application itself. The interaction will also be ferried by the character growth system through levels, which will occur whenever there are "connections" from our contacts. Then there is a second bar, which determines ours style level, which will increase based on how many times we change our outfit. Both levels will suffer a slowdown in growth after a certain threshold, making the growth of the character rather slow, especially as regards that of clothing (linked to a greater extent to purchases with real money).

But how much does Mii cost?
we will be able to fully enjoy the experience without having to resort to in-app purchases

Finding ourselves in front of an app free-to-play, or better free-to-start as defined on the game's official website, we will be able to enjoy the full Miitomo experience without necessarily having to resort to in-app purchases. Mainly the economic issue takes the field when we have run out of credit obtainable by playing regularly, which can be spent on the purchase of new clothing items that will make our Miis unique. Credits they can be earned by answering questions and interacting with your contacts, even if, as it is easy to understand, the receipts obtainable will allow us to buy (also taking into account the daily bonuses) the minimum necessary, forcing those who want to buy the most curious and eye-catching dress to put their hand in their wallet and shell out a lot of money for the 'equivalent of coins in game (ranging from 1000 coins to 0.99 € to 105.000 for the beauty of 74.99 €). Miitomo is also a great way to collect tokens to spend on My Nintendo, obtainable completing the proposed Missions, ranging from connecting your social accounts to the app to commenting on your friends to the regular change of the dress, and once the necessary total is reached, they will be spendable in the new Nintendo portal, in exchange for games or discounts for the eShop, exclusive accessories for Miitomo or tickets for Mii Release.


Testing the facts, how does this first experiment by Nintendo behave in the smartphone world? While being very similar to Tomodachi Life, the level of experience offered is quite different, focusing more on the social aspect than, in this area it is more than successful and well integrated. Compared to the older brother, there is a significant lack of content, an element that makes itself felt after a few days spent intensely "chatting" with friends or taking pictures with your Mii, and it is perhaps this lack of interest that risks losing interest. in the game in the long run. It is desirable that in the next few months the same activities seen in Tomodachi Life will be introduced, such as the ability to customize their apartment, or more interesting the interactions of Miis with those of friends, such as love relationships, news and various events such as musicals or scenes of total nonsense. Even the slowness with which the credits to spend are obtained would perhaps deserve a small revision, leaving the emphasis on in-app purchases, but trying to speed up the accumulation of coins, turning it into a driving force and not an obstacle to fun. The last sore point concerns the battery consumption of the application which, despite the energy saving option present within it, puts the device to the test, seeing the percentage of recharge drop dramatically during longer sessions. Already with the update to version 1.1.2 (on Android) there should be slight improvements, but hopefully with the next updates the problem will at least be mitigated.

Where have I seen you before?
The tunes once entered your head will hardly leave you

Graphically Miitomo proposes the same experience already lived on Tomodachi Life, primarily enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the Mii, presenting itself properly even on the less updated and performing smartphone models, however making it playable. The interface is simple and clean, with a bar at the bottom dedicated to the tabs of the various menus, while the rest of the screen is left to the Miis and their actions.

The usable geastures are also intuitive and are based on classic movements such as “pinch-to-zoom” to adjust the camera or zoom in and out of elements in the photo editor. There is some loading too much, especially every time you close and reopen the app, or between a transition and another of the menus where the game, which requires an always active connection, needs to synchronize the new data. Even the music present, not many to tell the truth, are pleasant to listen to, with “catchy” tunes that once entered your head will hardly leave you in the following hours.


Verdict Yes Su Miitomo makes you all look more beautiful and nice Comment Nintendo finally lands on smartphones and tablets, and it does it very well. Miitomo is an apt title to re-propose, albeit in a light version, the experience already tried with Tomodachi Life, in a perspective more focused on socializing and sharing content. The first days spent with Miitomo were hilarious and funny, also thanks to the innate sympathy of the Mii, who with Miifoto and their funny way of speaking make everything about them extremely comical. It must be said that once the initial euphoria is over, you begin to feel a certain lack of content, which goes beyond spending money (never too necessary) to buy new verses for your avatar and collect the envy of your friends. From this point of view, we hope Nintendo pays the right attention to its new creature and supports it properly with new content and events in a constant continuous manner. Obviously, being a free-to-play app, you must have it installed on your device. Pros and cons My real protagonists
Very successful social experience
Miifoto is a drug x The novelty effect wears off after a few days
x Little variety of content
x The battery suffers

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