Microsoft seems ready to fight against the FTC for Activision

For days now, news and details on the matter continue to leak to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard at the hands of Microsoft. The latest updates, at least according to what was reported by the Wall Street Journal, see the big M prepare for a direct confrontation with the FTC, ready to demonstrate in court the reasons for this gigantic operation.

  • 70 billion dollars at stake and the possibility of a considerable impact on the gaming market as we know it today. Starting from these premises and from an endless series of discussions, declarations, reassurances, agreements and proposals of all kinds, Microsoft seems convinced that the current FTC strategy is not too consistent and would be preparing to respond.

    A few days ago we brought you some statements from the company in which it tried to demonstrate Sony's current market power to unlock the results of this acquisition, and even before that the FTC's counteroffensive, sure of wanting to go to court. Now, through the Journal, we know that Microsoft is preparing to respond in kind both through some previous statements and by rehashing the vertical structure of its intent.

    In recounting upcoming events, Brad Smith, president of Microsoft since 2015, this Tuesday revealed that he is confident in his reasons also in view of the legal battle on the horizon, recalling that "the agreement will be positive for gamers, consumers, developers and the competition in general" .

    For now we still don't know the official date of the hearing in which everything will come back into play. However, a long wait of at least 7/8 months is expected, unless there are previous breakthroughs in this period of time in which everything could still happen.

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