Microsoft: Nearly XNUMX people will be fired from various divisions

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Right in these hours Microsoft announced a huge cut in its staff, involving approx 1000 employees. As reported by Axios, this particular and delicate situation would involve a group of people belonging to several internal divisions (including Xbox therefore), thus expanding, in a certain way, this layoffs of Microsoft.

While a rather delicate situation remains for this large company, also from the point of view of the market, always keeping one's eyes fixed on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and on the controversies against the UK antitrust, the reality of the facts tells of new cuts to personnel due to a complicated situation of the company which would also involve its entire sector.

These were the statements of Microsoft regarding the above situation and the cuts being implemented: “Like all companies, we re-evaluate our business priorities on a regular basis and make adjustments accordingly. We will continue to invest in the sector and hire in key areas over the coming months.” However, it remains interesting to note the extent of these thousand layoffs within the company, especially when we note that they also involved historical employees and experts who have been working in its ranks for a long time. Thinking about the current situation in the world of work, it certainly won't be easy to immediately fall back elsewhere, even if the word Microsoft in the curriculum it will open some new doors for them, if necessary. Furthermore, even if 1000 people may seem like a lot to us, in relation to the total number of employees of this company, they represent nothing more than a small pebble in a huge pond.

However, an undeniable factor demonstrates how even today's technology sector is experiencing a general slowdown from a production point of view, with the Microsoft same which last July presented a growth in revenues in the first fiscal quarter of 10%, acknowledging that it was one of the lowest percentages ever achieved by the company over the past five years. Did all this affect the aforementioned cuts? How will they react to the new percentages arriving on October 25th?

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