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What to do if the micro SD card does not work on cellphone. Have a mobile phone with microSD card support saves you some trouble. While it can't be used as internal storage, it helps you save your Netflix music, photos, or even series.

The problem is that these microSD cards don't always work properly. Sometimes they may stop working or ask you to be formatted in order to use them. Today we will see what to do when the mobile does not read micro SD correctly.

Micro SD not recognized by the smarpthone

If we use microSD cards in our smartphone as a convenient way to transfer large files, as a backup copy of photos or to expand internal storage, at some point we may find ourselves with the warning that the card cannot be read.

The solution proposed by the operating system of our phone is to format. This action usually resets the card so that we can continue to use it without problems unless the error is factory default.

But even if you don't have anything of value, you should stop for a few minutes and try to fix it another way, because from the smartphone there are almost no viable alternatives to avoid formatting and therefore data loss.

In this case, as well as when a camera or other device does not recognize the format of an SD or microSD card, you need to keep trying to recover it on a PC, which is always the best thing to do. Once the card is inserted into the corresponding slot or port of the PC, there are several situations that we can find.

The PC does not read SD or microSD

If when you insert a microSD card (with adapter) or SD card into your computer, it still doesn't work, we have to first make sure it is not an error with the PC itself or the player / adapter that we used. We will try another computer, if possible, and if the error persists, we will proceed to take action. It is also convenient that we look for the adapter or card reader drivers in case that is the problem and it would be necessary to update them so that the card is perfectly recognized by the operating system.

The decision to completely format a memory card that isn't working is the last decision we have to make. It is advised not to rush and try different solutions which can avoid this total data loss

Without having to resort to specific software yet, let's start by trying to understand and solve the problem with the help of the operating system itself.

If the card is recognized by the operating system but cannot open it (it asks us to apply the format), first of all we must try to recover it by telling the operating system that it is he who looks for the error, recognizes it and if possible corrects it. We will use the right button to start a problem search and apply the solution directly. If after this process the card already allows us to access its content, congratulations.

If, despite this check, the problem with the SD or microSD card still cannot be solved, we will use the Windows CHKDSK utility . We need to open the Command Prompt and write chkdsk x: f where the letter x must be replaced by the letter that the operating system has assigned to our board.

If this process has restored the card, it is recommended make a copy di backup information we need and format the card to continue using it.

It could also happen that the result of that drive check by the operating system produced different errors. In this situation it is necessary to continue try to recover unreadable micro SD before formatting, as we will explain later.

On Mac, the process is very similar, with the option First Aid within Disk Utility.

Micro SD not detected by PC or microSD

What if the operating system does not recognize the card? In this case, a first step we can take is to look for the card in the device manager and assign it a letter. If we succeed, we can apply the above steps and processes to recover the contents of the SD or microSD.

If all of the above didn't work, you can try the rest of the solutions found below.

Micro SD does not work, what to do

Failure of an SD or microSD memory card depends on many circumstances. It can be the sum of intensive use (all have a maximum life cycle after which failures are "permissible") and not very good quality of the internal memory chips, due to misuse, extreme temperatures or failures software.

If this is our case, there are a series of steps that we can follow to restore damaged Micro SD even without losing the data contained in it. Whether we will act one way or another will largely depend on the device where the card stopped working.

1. Check compatibility

We will go through all the steps that you can take for ease level when the Micro SD is not working, although the first step to take is check compatibility. Often the sd card not detected, is not compatible, and usually only occurs with new memory cards and not with SD cards that already worked.

Because? Because if they were incompatible they wouldn't have worked from the start. Manufacturers generally do not bother to indicate compatibility. Ask the store if the microSD card is compatible.

2. Restart your mobile phone

Have you tried restarting your mobile? Before delving into more complex solutions, if android does not read SD, try your luck by restarting. In my personal experience, restarting the phone fixed some problems, even with Micro SD not detected.

If your phone recognizes the card after it has finished rebooting, the good news is that it was a software error. It's frustrating if it happens suddenly, but at least it's quick to fix.

3. Remove and replace the microSD card

All of my Android phones to date have had microSD memory card support, and I acknowledge with some regret that I've had microSD card problems with almost all of them.

Restarting the mobile device sometimes solves the problem, but the most effective remedy is another: remove the microSD card and insert it again and see if the Micro SD still doesn't work.

Don't ask me about the science behind this process, because I don't know. There will be dust in the connector, it has moved slightly randomly, but this action usually brings the microSD card back to life.

4. Try it on a PC

If the Micro SD is not readable and the above did not work, take out the microSD card from the mobile phone and test it on a PC. If you can see the content on the PC, it means the card is good and working properly.

Dsafely disconnect it and try again on your mobile device. Most likely it will work now.

5. Want to repair SD card, format it from your phone

If you don't care much about the contents of the microSD card or have a recent backup of its contents, another option is to format the card. This is, in fact, the default option when the system detects the micro SD damaged.

Just tap on the tab and choose Size. Remember that the process is irreversible, so only do it when you are sure that the data on the card is not important and if all the methods above have not worked.

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