Metal: Hellsinger, for speedrunners it lasts less than a metal album

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Thanks to its rapid pace and its not excessive duration, Metal: Hellsinger has already conquered the speedrunners. Whether it's runs of the Any% type (which therefore exploit glitches and other ways to shorten the gameplay) or standard games, players are challenging each other to the sound of records. The game times, in both cases, fall well below the hour for the completion of the title.

  • In the case of speedrun Any%, the time set by adamcoolcat recently is simply impressive. In fact, the player managed to finish Metal: Hellsinger in 26 minutes and 47 seconds. This type of run is distinguished by the freedom left to those who try to use any means to reach the endgame. In fact, watching the video, the knowledge of the game that adamcoolcat has acquired in the few weeks since its launch is immediately evident.

    In fact, in addition to having a perfect sense of rhythm that allows him to inflict maximum damage with each hit, the player manages to exploit various glitches. In this way, adamcoolcat is able to skip large parts of the game map of Metal: Hellsinger avoiding any non-essential encounters at the end of the game. Given the precision required to trigger some of these glitches, the prerequisites for such a run are fast hands and obsessive repetition leading to refinement. In fact, obtaining a similar result requires an incalculable number of attempts.

    Finally, we point out that the All Forced Encounters type run record belongs to the Youtuber The Casual who finished the game in 49 minutes and 25 seconds. As also happens in other titles such as Elden Ring (which you can buy on Amazon), speedruns are infecting more and more players and are almost becoming a real craze. The desire to achieve the best time and compete with other users is rampant among streamers or even simple enthusiasts.

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