Marvel's Spider-Man: The most classic costume ever returns with a mod

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An new Marvel's Spider-Man skin on PC attracts the attention of older fans of the superhero, confirming once again the love of a community that continues to create and support the video game. Recently a modder of Marvel's Spider-Man released a mod in which he rebuilt the costume with the “web wings” (the cobweb wings under his arms) with which Spider-Man circled in his very first issues and paper appearances. Over the years, the community around this video game has never stopped implementing all the costumes that Insomniac hasn't made available in the final version of the title, with ongoing support that already looks to the future.

John Romita Sr. Suit MOD from SpidermanPS4

Marvel's Spider-Man, therefore, in its PC version it has seen the inclusion of some of the most famous costumes of its protagonist, including the modified costume of Ultimate Spider-Man, that of the Spider-Man Lotus film and even the appearance of Spider-Ham , opening up the creative possibilities of his own fans.

On Reddit, related to all of this, the aforementioned costume has been shared for Marvel's Spider-Man, with a fine work that will undoubtedly please the historical fans of Spider-Man, all from the hands of the modder Chinchin fuguri. So fans began to compare the costume created for the game with some images from the first comic (an example of this can be found in the Reddit post above), concluding that it is an identical costume to the one you start the game with, with a design that however allows Spider-Man to glide.

So fans of Marvel's Spider-Man they open towards the future, towards what will be the second chapter of a series that still has a lot to say, expanding its possibilities in the aesthetic field. We just have to wait for new official information on the much-needed new videogame episode.

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