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La registered online is the sending system registered mail by virtual means with probative and legal value, as well as certain and indisputable. An online registered letter can be sent from Spain and abroad, from your device (be it computer, smartphone or tablet) and is available 24 hours a day.

The convenience of this service is in the convenient possibility of sending from home, without necessarily having to go to post office open. The main difference with the classic enveloped registered mail is that the recipient will never be able to declare that he has not received the contents of the registered letter.

The online mode, in addition, allows you to use the digital signature and can be anticipated by Pec or Fax (with consequent immediate reception). To be sure that the registered letter has actually been received, you can rely on the registered letter with return receipt, also online in this case.

How to send the registered letter online

To offer the online registered mail service in Spain, Letterasenzabusta.com, with a series of easy, very intuitive steps:

  • Access the area called Online Registered Form or via the Registered Send key
  • Select the type of registered letter you want, whether traditional or with online return receipt
  • Enter the data and the various addresses of both the sender and the recipient in the appropriate spaces
  • Write the text (or you can attach a PDF file for a total of up to 87 pages)
  • If you want to use the service of advance communication of the receipt of the registered letter, enter the fax number or the certified e-mail address to which it will be delivered.

At this point you need to register for free on the LetteraSenzaBusta.com website or log in to check via the preview if the text and data are correct and proceed with the payment by prepaid card or credit card.

The registered letter is then signed with the digital signature, taking care to enter the OTP code received via SMS on your smartphone. You can too follow the online tracking through the appropriate link located in the reserved area.

Cost of online registered mail

The cost of the registered letter varies according to:

  • the type of registered letter
  • the number of pages that are attached via PDF
  • of the area where you want to have the registered letter delivered
  • of the choice to anticipate it via Fax or via Pec
  • of the choice to send the registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt online with digital signature.

The general costs are:

  • from 9.97 € per simple recommendations
  • from € 10.92 for registered mail with online return receipt
  • from 11.94 € for one 1 simple recommended, which is sent one day after processing (as long as business) or two days after processing (as long as business) if the recipient's postcode is in the list of those with alternate delivery
  • from 14.61 € for a registered 1 AR online with consequent proof of delivery
  • from 15.22 € for one simple international registered letter, which is processed within seven working days for the areas of Europe, ten days for the countries of the Mediterranean area, 14 days for North America and Oceania, 15/20 days for the other countries of America, Africa and Asia
  • from € 16.89 for an international registered letter with return receipt online.

All payments can be made by credit card or prepaid cards such as PostePay through the special and certified Stripe platform.

How to sign for registered mail without online envelope

There are two ways to sign up for Letterasenzabusta's online registered letter:

  • simple electronic signature: the undersigned attributes the ownership of the document through a signature whose image is uploaded at the point to be signed or by signing with the tip of the finger on the screen of your phone. The legal value, validity and probative effectiveness of this type of signature can be freely assessed during a judgment and cannot be denied as evidence in a court case due to its digital electronic form or because it does not fully meet the requirements for qualified digital signatures (provided for by article 25 of eIDAS and article 20 of the CAD).
  • digital company cheFirma! Integrated on Letterasenzabusta.com to sign registered mail without an envelope online. The legal validity of this type is the same as the first as it is considered as authentic, integrity and effective proof provided for by art. 2702 of the Civil Code.

Features of the online registered mail without envelope service

This online registered mail service without envelope is useful to all citizens, private and non-private, and allows you to optimize time and avoid long queues at post offices.
Some variables can better define the service:

The target areas in Spain: are divided into: Metropolitan Area (set of post codes where the third digit is 1 or 9), capital and province (set of post codes where the third number is 1 or 9, but different from those of the metropolitan area) and extra-urban area (set of ZIP codes with third digit 0, 5 or 8).

Destination areas abroad: they are divided into: Zone 1, which includes Europe and the Mediterranean Basin; Zone 2 which includes other countries of Africa, the Americas and other countries of Asia; Zone 3 which includes Oceania.

The delivery times of the online registered letter: may vary depending on whether the registered letter is processed and sent by 14.30 each day (Saturday, Sunday and holidays excluded): in this case, the mailing takes place on the same day. If the registered letter is processed after 14.30 every day (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded), the mailing will take place the following day as long as it is working.

The delivery of the registered letter: without an online envelope it takes place both in Spain and abroad, obviously with different timing. For the online registered letter, 3/4 working days and 5/6 working days are foreseen for the areas considered extra-urban; 7/8 working days for isolated or disadvantaged areas. In the absence of the recipient at the address indicated on the registered letter, there are thirty days to go and collect it personally at the post office indicated on the registered letter.

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