Kojima talks about Abandoned for the first time

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Do you remember Abandoned? It is unlikely that you have forgotten it, given the flood of information, false rumors and theories bordering on the impossible disclosed last year. In a moment, the Blue Box home game disappeared, supporting the theory that one of the biggest scams in the world of video games wanted it. After a year or so of radar silence, now we're back to talking about the game that never was, but not thanks to its creations. But thanks to Hideo Kojima, who mentioned and talked about the title in an episode of his podcast, Brain Structure.

Over the last year Hideo Kojima has been repeatedly associated with Abandoned and with good reason, since for the presentation of Metal Gear Solid V the game designer had organized a theater of the absurd with the complicity of several journalists, even going so far as to invent a fake study. A marketing move which, however, the game designer himself has declared that he no longer intends to do. Subsequently, a series of problems began for Kojima, such as users who write on Twitter attaching photos and videos, still convinced that he and his production company are hiding behind Blue Box. All false, of course.

“I have never spoken to anyone in the team. The game has yet to come out, right? They can't do much now, so Hasan and all his team should publish it, so people would understand the true nature of the project, which I'm not involved with in any way”, Kojima's words declared during the podcast.

  • The game designer then wanted to give some advice to Blue Box. “He should use all this chatter to be able to boost team morale, take advantage of it. And do something good in a way that silences all the fake news”. Too bad that Kojima forgets the most important element of the whole story: 90% the game just doesn't exist. However, this absurd story will serve as a memorandum for the future: never take the longest step.

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