Is Valve working on a new video game? It sure looks like it

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Dopo Half-Life, Portal e Left 4 Dead, Valve would now seem ready to launch a new video game. The indiscretion comes from Twitter: in fact, a new registered trademark was discovered on the social network, which belongs to the house founded by Gabe Newell. The brand has been registered in the United States, and according to the description it would seem like a new video game, even if obviously at the moment there are no relevant details.

As reported on the US government website, in fact, the new brand covers a number of categories such as “computer game software, electronic game software, video game software” and the like. At the moment the application of the trademark is still under examination, but it is obviously a standard procedure: it will be approved within a very short time.

The name of the new brand is NEON PRIME and it is not yet known what it is, of course. At the moment, in fact, Valve has only registered the name, to play in advance and avoid any similar products. Surely, however, we should not expect an announcement soon. The reality is that many companies tend to protect their ideas in this way, simply by registering any trademarks in advance. However, this does not necessarily turn into real games: Sony, Capcom and many other realities already have precedents in this regard, with the PlayStation producers who for a moment thought they were working on a game starring… the gnomes.

Valve just registered new trademark called NEON PRIME, based on description, this might be a new game franchise

— ‎Gabe Follower (@gabefollower) October 14, 2022

At the moment, therefore, it is still too early to draw conclusions, but maybe Valve could really announce a new video game or a new DLC for some of its existing products. Not to be excluded, of course, also a possible second chapter of Half-Life: Alyx for virtual reality. All speculation of course, which we recommend you take with a grain of salt, and wait for any official announcements on the matter. Stay tuned to Tom's Hardware for all the news and upcoming announcements from the gaming world.

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