iPad Pro 2020, Apple may announce a keyboard with trackpad

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According to the latest news reported by The Information, the next iPad Pro will be able to count on an interesting accessory that would bring it very close to MacBooks. We are talking about a new keyboard with an integrated trackpad. In this way, the user experience would improve as it will no longer be necessary to use the touchscreen of the display to navigate within the system and between the various applications.

As we all know, the Smart Keyboard proposed by Apple does not have a touch sensitive area to be used as an aiming system. We only find the QWERTY keyboard, thus limiting its use as it is necessary to interact with the touchscreen display for navigation. However, things could change with the next iPad Pro.

The arrival of the next version of iPad OS may give us more information on the news that the Cupertino house intends to introduce with iPad Pro, if the latter were to be announced after the new incarnation of the operating system. Since last year, Apple has separated it from iOS precisely with the aim of bringing the user experience closer to that of real notebooks.

According to some rumors, the new keyboard could be characterized by a key backlight system and adopt the scissor mechanism, already present on the portals. In short, it seems that the iPad is undergoing a transformation from an "enlarged iPhone" to an "accessible MacBook". Since this is unofficial information, it is good to take everything with due caution. We just have to wait for the official presentation.

Apple would plan an event for March 31 in which it should also announce the rumored iPhone 9. With the Coronavirus emergency, however, we do not know if the event is confirmed or not. In recent days, in fact, various reports have suggested that the launch of the new iPad Pro could be delayed due to the spread of the virus. We'll see.  

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