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It may seem simple insert new row in Excel cell, but that's not quite the case. As simple as it may seem, it is quite complicated insert a new row into a cell of a Microsoft Excel worksheet. You will be puzzled like all other Microsoft Excel users before you.

However, if you read this tutorial during the process you have nothing to worry about, as through this tutorial you will learn an easy way to add new row in Excel cell.

To understand the problem, try inserting 2 simple lines of text, one below the other in a single Excel cell and see what happens.

1. This is my first line 
2. This is my second line

Here's how many Excel users would try to do this task.

1. Open a new Excel workbook 
2. Place the cursor in any cell where you want to insert the first row and start typing.

In the image below we have selected Cell B2 to insert - 'This is my first line'.

3. Now the task is to get the second row below the first row in the same cell B2.

If you're doing like most users, hit the Enter key to jump to the second row within the same cell. However, if you press the Enter key, you will find yourself in another cell (B3) instead of holding onto another line in the same cell B2.

As you can see in the image below, the cursor has moved to cell B3, instead of staying in the same cell B2, where you were trying to enter the second line of text.

Wrap text function

By trial and error, most users end up using the Text Wrap feature in Microsoft Excel to fit 2 or more lines into a single cell. Here you are how to insert new row into Excel cell

1. Type the first row into Cell B2 - This is just an example, you can select any cell where you want to insert 2 lines. 
2. Press on space and enter the second row in the same cell. 
3. Then click the “Wrap Text” button to see two lines in the same Excel cell.

Amazing! - You just managed to insert 2 lines into a single cell of a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

However, this is not the right method to insert 2 lines into a single Excel cell. To understand why, try changing the width of cell B2 and see what happens.

You will see the words of your second line merge with the first line and all line breaks will be gone.

Imagine the scenario, you work hard to finish a large worksheet like this, only to see all the line breaks lost when you decide to resize the column widths.

Never try this method again; there is a very easy way to add a new row in the Excel cell.

Insert new row in the Excel cell

As mentioned above, there is an easier way to add a new row in an Excel cell. With this method, all breakpoints will remain in exactly the same place, regardless of the column width.

1. Type the first row in cell B2 
2. Press the Alt key followed by the Enter key (ALT + Enter), the cursor is under the first line 
3. Type the second line.

That's it - You now have 2 lines (one below the other) in a single Excel cell. You can start inserting as many lines as you want into the same cell using the Excel shortcut (Alt + Enter).

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