In Halo Infinite you can play a piece of Super Mario 64

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It's already been a full year since Halo Infinite launched, with the new chapter in the historic Xbox saga already getting a series of updates. With the most recent winter update, however, the well-known FPS has been filled with a whole series of new maps created thanks to the Forge mode. This highly anticipated novelty allows anyone to be able to create all kinds of content for the title, from modes up to a series of maps to say the least out of the ordinary for a game in the Halo series.

  • Among the multiple new creations that come to life thanks to the Forge mode of Halo Infinite, we can find one that proposes one map heavily inspired by Super Mario 64. Well yes, 343 Industries' sci-fi FPS marries what is defined as the progenitor of the three-dimensional platform genre with a map that leads us to explore one of the most fascinating settings of the Nintendo title: Peach's castle.

    As we can see from the video posted on the 'BoBo Gaiji' YouTube channel, the map can easily be used for the multiplayer modes of Halo Infinite, and has all the elements necessary to play Deatmatch games and more. What is incredible, however, is seeing how it is cartoon style and with limited polygons of Super Mario 64 marries in a unique way with the aesthetics of the armor and weapons of the 343 Industries title.

    The author of this map for the Halo Infinite Forge is currently available for public testing, with BoBo Gaijin stating that his creation currently supports the modes: Team Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, KOTH and Oddball. While for the moment the Super Mario 64 themed map doesn't work well with the FFA mode.

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