In FIFA 23 the goalkeepers are too strong

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In addition to the launch problems, FIFA 23 is continuing to cause discussion. Like? Thanks to the skills of the goalkeepers, who seem far too strong and with rather supernatural reflexes. The skills of the extreme defenders, who have always been the central pivot of a team, in the latest iteration of the EA Sports and Electronic Arts series are really too strong.

In a clip shared on Reddit can be seen as the full backs of FIFA 23 are perfect war machines, able to parry practically any balloon, as if they were robots. In the video it is possible to see how the goalkeeper first tries to save the penalty by throwing himself to our left, only to immediately change his trajectory and find himself immediately on the right. A movement that not even Neo from the Matrix would have been able to do, but that the goalkeepers of the football simulator instead manage to perform without too many problems, as if it were completely natural.

Of course, in case it wasn't clear, we're kidding. The clip in question, very similar to many others already on Reddit, it clearly shows that this is actually an error in animation and AI. Fortunately EA Sports has already run for cover, launching a new patch that aims to solve these small gameplay problems. Patches like this are the norm in competitive gaming and very often they are released a few days after launch, as in this case.

Gulacsi with 100 reflexes from FIFA

FIFA 23 is available from September 30, 2022 for PS4, PC, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X e Nintendo Switch in Legacy Edition version. The game will be the last of the series: from next year, in fact, Electronic Arts will work exclusively on its football simulator, called EA Sports FC, but at the moment the details are scarce. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the latest news from the world of videogames.

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