prova e configura la tua connessione wifi

Don't know how to access your WiFi settings? These settings will allow you to activate your wifi connection, to retrieve the name of this connection (SSID) as well as the WPA or WEP code that defines your password. You can also reconfigure the latter two and filter the devices that cannot access your wifi connection.

Whatever your ISP, you can access this interface via the IP address by entering it in the address bar of your web browser. Although this technique is obsolete (you now have direct access to your wifi interface via your ISP account page), it is still possible for you to manage your network (wifi, ethernet or USB) via this address.

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Enter the credentials provided by your ISP if necessary.
  • Click on tab Wi-Fi to access the information of your wifi connection.
  • Click on the sub-tab Configuration to activate the wifi terminal (just check the box Attiva) and change the SSID name. You can also make your SSID visible in the list of wireless networks (select Active in the field SSID Broadcast )
  • Change channel (drop-down menu Channel ) if your wifi connection seems congested or slow.
  • The mode, meanwhile, is automatically taken into account by your ISP.
  • Click Validate and go to the Security sub-tab.
  • You will be able to change the encryption key to protect your connection; select WPA2 in the Key Type field and click on the key generator which should be just below it.
  • Validate again.
  • Finally, in the Mac Filter sub-tab, you can identify devices and limit their access to your wifi connection. To do this, you need to select Active again in this category and add the MAC numbers of the devices (defined in the Parameters of these devices).

Don't have access to 

First, make sure your wifi connection is enabled (look at the bottom right of the screen). In order to test your wifi connection, you will need to have your IP address on hand. To get your IP, run Command Prompt, which can be found in the submenu Accessories from the menu Start, or by typing cmd in the search bar.

After starting the command prompt, type ipconfig I awarded Submit. You will see several available connection types displayed. Search for your Wifi network card and locate the default gateway address.

Now open your Internet browser and enter the default gateway address that will take you to the management site of your modem / WiFi.

Arriving on your WiFi / Modem page, it remains up to you to choose the best options for WiFi (opt for the 802.11n interface which guarantees better transmission capacity), the modem channel used, the wireless encryption mode as well as the wifi key required to connect.

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