How to zoom in and out on the Apple Watch display

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Wearable devices have smaller screen space than mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of lyrics on smartwatches, especially for older people and people with low vision.

If you have to squint to read text on your Apple Watch, we recommend using the hidden watchOS Zoom feature. This allows you to zoom in or out on the content on the watch display. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make the Apple Watch display larger or smaller.

The steps in this article will work on all Apple Watch series / models, regardless of the watchOS version.

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Enable the Apple Watch Zoom feature

Zoom is an accessibility feature that is disabled by default in watchOS. Enable the feature if you want to enlarge your Apple Watch screen.

  1. Launch the app Settings on your Apple Watch and select Accessibilità.
  2. Toccata Zoom in the "Vision" section.
  3. Attiva Zoom.

A “Zoom enabled” notification on the screen. Wait for the notification to go away and proceed to the next step to adjust the zoom level.

  1. Apple allows you to customize the magnification so that the watch display is not magnified beyond a specific level. Tap the icon More o Less in the section Maximum zoom level to increase or decrease the personalization of the watch screen when you zoom in on the display.

You can also remotely activate the watch display's zoom functionality from an iOS device (iPhone only). Make sure the Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone and follow the instructions below.

Open theWatch app on your iPhone, go to the tab My Watch, select Accessibilità, select Zoom and activate the function Zoom.

You can now zoom in on your Apple Watch display by double tapping the screen with two fingers.

Drag the slider maximum zoom level left or right to customize the clock screen size when you zoom in on the display.

We recommend that you zoom in on the watch display as you adjust the zoom level; see the next section for these steps. This will give you an idea of ​​how magnified the watch display will be at each zoom level. 

Note: theEnabling zoom on the Apple Watch will activate the feature in the Watch app at the same time as long as the watch and iPhone are paired. So there is no need to enable Zoom on your iPhone after doing it on the watch.

Activate the zoom using the digital crown

watchOS has an "accessibility shortcut" that allows you to assign a shortcut to the digital crown. Follow the steps below to enable the accessibility abbreviation and use the digital crown to magnify the watch display.

Open the app Settings on your watch, select Accessibilità, touch Accessibility link in the "Other" section and select Zoom.

If the watch is paired with your iPhone, open theWatch app, go to tab I my watches and select Accessibilità. Scroll to the bottom of the page, select Easy access and select Zoom.

Now activate the zoom feature of your Apple Watch by triple clicking the digital Crown.

How to magnify the Apple Watch display

To zoom in on the clock display, double-tap anywhere on the screen with two fingers. To further zoom in on a zoomed view, double tap two fingers on the screen and drag both fingers up. Drag both fingers on the screen to reduce the zoom level.

When you zoom in on the watch display, a “Zoom Map” appears in the upper right corner of the screen. The Green Point on the map shows the visible section of the enlarged display, i.e. where you are on the page.

It's worth mentioning that you can zoom in on any page on your Apple Watch, including the home screen.

To move around an enlarged display, place two fingers on the screen and drag (both fingers) to move around the screen. The navigation method is known as "Panning".

You can also use the watch's digital crown to navigate an enlarged display. Scroll the digital Crown down to move the screen up or up to move the clock display down.

To use the digital crown to scroll vertically through an enlarged display, tap the screen with two fingers. This will disable the zoom map and switch to a different navigation style.

Next, swipe the Digital Crown to move up or down the screen. Tap the screen with two fingers to reset the zoom map.

How to make an Apple Watch display smaller

Restoring the normal size of a zoomed display on your Apple Watch is also super easy. All you have to do is double tap the screen with two fingers. While this will make the watch display smaller, the Zoom functionality remains enabled.

Disable the display zoom feature if you frequently enlarge the watch screen by mistake with a two-finger tap gesture. Skip to the next section to find out how to turn off the zoom feature on your Apple Watch.

Disable Apple Watch Zoom

You can disable display zoom from the watch settings menu, the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, or by triple-clicking the digital crown.

1. Disable zoom on your Apple Watch

Open theSettings app on your watch, tap Accessibilità, select Zoom and deactivate Zoom.

2. Disable the zoom on your iPhone

Start theWatch app on your iPhone, select Accessibilità, touch Zoom and deactivate Zoom.

Note that you don't have to disable Zoom on your iPhone if you have already done so on the watch and vice versa.

3. Disable zoom using digital zoom

You can disable zooming on the Apple Watch if its Accessibility Shortcut is assigned the zoom functionality. Triple-clicking the digital crown will disable the watch's zoom and display the “Zoom Disabled” message on the screen.

Get a wider and better view

While the zoom feature is fairly easy to use and set up on the Apple Watch, we encountered some issues when zooming the display on our test device. Sometimes, the magnification size did not increase even after increasing the zoom level. We were able to fix this by enabling and re-enabling the Zoom feature. In some cases, we had to restart the Apple Watch.

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