How to use Messenger without a Facebook account

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You may want to use Messenger without Facebook, this is because Facebook Messenger is used by many of your contacts and you would like to communicate with them through this app but you don't want to create a Facebook profile.

Well yes you can use Messenger without having a Facebook account and therefore without a profile on the famous social network.

Now we are going to explain how to use Messenger without a Facebook account.

How to use Messenger without a Facebook account

If you haven't downloaded the Facebook instant messaging app yet, go to or and install it on your device.

Once done, start the Messenger app. On the home screen that asks you to enter your email or mobile number connected to a Facebook account, press the button below with the wording Create new account , this ensures that the app will not create a Facebook profile. Instead, it will create a Messenger login.

Now you are asked to enter your mobile number to which a confirmation code is sent, confirm it and once done enter the name you want to appear to your contacts on Messenger.

After activating your account you can add a photo to make yourself better recognized by your contacts. These can be synchronized from your address book and the app will ask you for it and automatically add them to Messenger.

If you choose not to, you can still add your contacts manually. This can be done by searching for their phone number, if their phone is associated with their Messenger or by entering their name in the "To" field.

Done now you can just click on someone's name and start a conversation.


As you can see, you can use Messenger even without a Facebook account or profile and chat or video call all your contacts who use it. If you get tired of messenger here's how to disable it.

Update: Starting in 2020 this phone number only login feature without a Facebook account will be disabled. So to take advantage of Messenger you will need to have a Facebook profile. For those who have signed up for Messenger via phone while the function is available, Facebook will not ask for the activation of a Facebook account later to use it. It will be a consequence only for new users.

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