How to use Google Maps to plan a trip

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How to use Google Maps to plan a trip and create a complete itinerary. Google Maps has several features that can make planning a trip easier. You can use Google Maps to add more stages using the "Places" and "My Map" functions. Both the website and the Google Maps app allow you to save locations in lists, to which you can then get immediate directions. When you get directions, you can search for reviews and add more stops to your route.

Google Maps has become an essential part of any road trip. After all, it's an all-in-one GPS, business directory, and review platform. But if you spend some time on it, you can integrate Google Maps even more easily into your next vacation. Google Maps has a variety of features you can use to plan a commute or trip and save points of interest you find along the way. Here's how to create a multi-stop route on Google Maps, using the Places feature, My Map and more.

How to use Google Maps to plan a trip

How to save position on Google Maps through "Places of interest"

Let's say you're traveling and you happen to come across the cutest coffee shop you've ever seen. You would like to stop for a coffee, but you don't have time right now: what's the best way to remember it? The Places feature of Google Maps can help you. Both the website and the Google Maps app allow you to save any location on the map to a list, which you can easily find later.

  1. Open Google Maps and click, tap or search for the location you want to save.
  2. Find the save icon, which has a bookmark icon. You'll find it right under the location name, but you may have to scroll to find it in the mobile app.
  3. Choose where you want to save the location. You have three lists to start with: Add to FavouriteSpecial places e Do you want to go, but you can create a new one by tapping New listing.
  4. Once the location is saved, you can find it again by opening the list. In the mobile app, tap Saved at the bottom of the screen; on the website, click on the three superimposed lines top left and then on I your places.
  5. Tap a location in the list to view the map directly.

Look at Google reviews to find the best shops

Almost every point of interest on Google Maps has a section for user reviews. Similar to sites like Yelp, these reviews can be a great way to see which stops are must-sees and which ones you can pass. To read the reviews:

  1. Open Google Maps and find the location you are interested in.
  2. At the top of the information page there should be a star rating and a number, which shows how many people have left reviews.
  3. Scroll down to tap on the Reviews section and you will find reviews from other users who have visited the place. They will include a star rating, a date, and occasionally a photo.

How to create a custom map or trace a route on Google Maps

Available only on a computer (there is no app), Google's My Maps program allows you to create a custom map or plot a route with as many waypoints as you want, then save and share it with others.

  1. Go to the My Maps home page and click Create a new map.
  2. You will be given a map of the world. In the top left menu, click the name of the untitled map to name your map.
  3. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find any location, then click Add to map to save her. You can add as many points of interest as you like.
  4. You can also save multiple separate lists of locations on the same map; just click Add level in the top left menu.
  5. To save directions between multiple locations, click the icon Add directions that looks like a curved arrow. It will add a new layer that you can use to trace a path.
  6. When finished, click Share o Preview in the upper left window.

How to use Google Maps offline on Android and iOS

Add multiple stops to a trip on Google Maps

Driving from one city to another is simple. But if you want to make stops along the way - lunch, beach, mall - things get complicated. Fortunately, there's no need to start a new Google Maps route for every stop. You can create a navigation route that includes each stop from the start, giving you a clear way to see how long it will take.

How to plan trip in stages on Google Maps on your phone

  1. Open the Google Maps app and start navigating to another location.
  2. On the screen that lets you choose the starting and ending position, tap the icon with the three dots.
  3. Select Add stop.
  4. A third waypoint will appear, labeled "B". Tap it to choose your second destination or drag it to reorder the waypoints.

How to plan trip in stages on Google Maps on PC

  1. On the Google Maps app website, find a location and start getting directions to it.
  2. Under the menu that allows you to choose your starting and ending location, click Add destination.
  3. A new field will appear. Enter your third waypoint.
  4. Once you have selected a new waypoint, you can click again Add destination and choose another one, as well as reorder them.

You can add up to nine destinations on both the website and mobile app.

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