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    How to update games on Nintendo Switch

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    How to update games on Nintendo Switch. As time goes by, most Nintendo Switch games receive free online updates that fix bugs and add new features. Sometimes, updates also add important features to the game, such as new levels or characters. Here's how to update games on Nintendo Switch.

    First, check if automatic updating is enabled
    By default, Nintendo Switch automatically checks for software updates when connected to the internet. If it finds an update, the system will download and install it. Since you can disable this feature, here's how to make sure automatic updating is on.

    How to update games on Nintendo Switch

    • First, launch System Settings by selecting the gear icon on the Nintendo Switch home screen.
    • In the list on the left side of the screen, scroll down to System. Then scroll down the settings page until you find the "Automatic software update" option. Activate "Activate".
    • Select Automatic Software Update in Nintendo Switch Settings.

    There may be situations where you want to turn off automatic updating, for example you may need to save download bandwidth, keep limited system memory, or avoid downloading a faulty game patch by mistake, but in general it is a good idea for many people to keep this feature turned on.

    If you'd rather keep the automatic update feature turned off (or don't want to wait for the automatic update to work properly), you can manually check for updates.

    1. Check for a game update by launching it

    There are three ways to manually check for Nintendo Switch game updates. 

    • The first is to simply try to launch a game. If you are connected to the Internet at startup and an update is available, an update message will be displayed.
    • Select "Download" and the game update will be downloaded and installed automatically.
    • Once the download is complete, the game will start. If you want to check out other games, you can go back to the main screen and try to launch those too, but it might be faster to use the second update method.

    2. Manually check for a game update in the menu

    The second way to manually check for updates is through the Options menu. 

    • On the Home screen, place the selection cursor on the game you want to update.
    • Press the + (Plus) button to bring up the Software Options screen. Go to the “Software Update” section, then select “Via the Internet”.
    • Select Update Over the Internet on Nintendo Switch
    • You will see a message that says “Check for updates”. If no updates are available, a screen will appear saying “You are using the latest version of this software”.
    • If updates are available, the system will start downloading the software.
    • A message in the Options tab shows the download of the update on Nintendo Switch
    • Return to the main screen. Here you can check the download progress of the update by looking at the status bar at the bottom of the game icon.
    • The download progress bar on the Nintendo Switch home screen
    • Once the update is complete, you are free to start playing.

    3. How to update games from another Nintendo Switch (without Internet)

    In version 4.0.0 of the system software, Nintendo introduced a third method for manually updating games called "Match Version with Local Users". This method ensures that two or more people playing a game via local communications are all running the same version of the game.

    • To do this, start from the main screen and highlight the software you want to update. Press the + (plus) button to display the Options screen. Go to “Software update” and select “Match version with local users”.
    • You will see a screen that shows a cartoon of three people playing Switches. Select "Next".
    • In the following screen, someone in the group has to select “Create Group”. Then the other switch users in the group must go to the same Options screen and choose “Join Group”.
    • Create a party or join the team for the software update on Nintendo Switch
    • Once everyone has joined the group, the creator of the group should select "Start Communication".
    • Select Start Communication on Nintendo Switch

    If there is an update that someone does not have, that person's game will be updated to match the latest version in the group. Have fun playing!

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