How To Turn Your Old Android Phone Into A Dash Cam For The Car

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There are several things we can do with our old cell phone. From turning it into a TV remote, using it as a media player, like a walkie-talkie, to using it as a webcam. However, today we will tell you about a different utility, such as turn your Android into a Dash Cam per car.

Likewise, in the end we can have the legal framework established for this use clearer, as it is convenient to know under what circumstances you can record with the phone's camera while driving and when not.

How to turn your phone into a Dash Cam

If we want to use our mobile as a Dash Cam in the car, we will need support for that. This is the only investment we will make. Cell phone holders cost around 10 euros, you just have to make sure that the size of our cellphone fits that holder well.

To complement this, if our cell phone battery doesn't last long or if we plan to record for many hours, we should have a car charger to plug into the phone.

Once the support and battery issue is resolved, we will download Dash Cam Travel - car camera. It is a fairly complete and free app (albeit with some advertising), which allows us to perform more functions. 

As for registration, you can register both in the foreground and in the background, in case you don't want to have the screen on all the time. Likewise, it records the speed of the vehicle, as well as detect the braking time, in case of emergency maneuvers. It also shows a small card with Google Maps, to know where we are driving at all times.

The recordings are sorted by date, so it will be easy to find matching recordings, in case you want to record daily

The recordings can be consulted within the application itself, so that you can see at any time any of the days we have performed this process with the mobile. The video summary shows the video date, resolution (configurable up to 1080p) and information about vehicle speed, video weight, and more.

Is it legal to use a Dash Cam in Spain?

The use of the Dash Cam in some countries, such as Russia, is mandatory, so that the authorities can better understand the circumstances in the event of an accident, theft and others that someone might experience behind the wheel. In Spain there are many doubts about it.

Having a Dash Cam in Spain is legal, but it all depends on how we use it. The conditions required for lawful and legal use in Spain are:

  • the data recorded by the dash cam, used to record what happens in the vicinity of the vehicle while driving on the roads, must not be systematically communicated or disseminated to third parties
  • used by a natural person for the exercise of exclusively personal activities
  • the adoption of precautions to protect third parties (civil liability and data security), so that data is not illegally stolen
  • the filming field of view is limited only to the space necessary for the pre-established purposes (protection and personal protection in the event of accidents or other significant events during road traffic).

However, nothing prevents you from using the Dash Cam to record your car journeys, as long as the recordings do not transcend the private.

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