How to tell if your number has been blocked by a contact

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Block an unwanted number it is common enough to avoid being disturbed. But how do you understand if your number has been blocked by a contact? If you can't reach a contact, there are several tips to quickly check if the person has blacklisted you.

This is very simple on smartphones. It is possible to block a number on Android or block a number on iPhone. And since no one has a monopoly on this option, it could be that your number is on someone else's blacklist.

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How to tell if your number has been blocked by a contact

In fact, it's pretty simple. Just know how things work when someone block your phone number. You are automatically redirected to the contact's inbox after a beep or two. For its part, the contact who was supposed to receive the call does not receive any notification. His phone doesn't ring.

If you leave a message in the mailbox, the contact does not receive any SMS notification. The message automatically goes to the “Blocked Messages” folder on iOS. On the other hand, if the contact uses an Android smartphone, he still receives an SMS alert voice message if the function has been activated with the operator.

The same observation can be made in case of network instability, for example. It is therefore important to try again once or twice after a few minutes. If the call is always redirected after one or two beeps, to confirm it, simply try to call from another number or make a call with the hidden number. Enter # 31 # followed by the contact number. If the phone rings, it is almost certain that yours number has been blocked by a contact.


What happens to SMS

By blocking a number, you cannot receive a call or SMS from it. So the same principle applies to messages. If your number has been blocked by a contact, does not receive your SMS even though it appears to have been successfully delivered. In reality, nothing abnormal happens. But make no mistake, your recipient will never receive them as long as your number is on their blacklist.

And finally, don't abuse calls with hidden numbers. Most people go unresponsive and all of this could end up in a judge because it is similar to harassment. Operators can reveal the identity of the caller in the event of a complaint.

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