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So you want to know how to switch from Vodafone to Tim? By now the smartphone is a faithful companion in our daily life. Whether in your pocket, bag or hand, most of our days are spent reading the latest news, chatting with friends or looking for useful information.

To do all this, however, an internet connection is required, and from year to year the rates become more and more affordable.

To always have the best possible rate, it is very important to know how long it takes for number portability, and what are the differences between the various providers.

In today's article we will see, for example, how to switch from Vodafone to Tim: which procedure to follow, what are the portability times and all the advantages / disadvantages of this operation.

How to switch from Vodafone to Tim: the procedure

These two operators, among the main ones here in Spain, offer a series of different rates, suitable for a large number of needs, costs and services.

We will see later what are the advantages and disadvantages of subscribing under one of the two operators, and for now we will focus on the standard procedure to follow to switch from one to the other.

In this particular article, we will see how to switch from Vodafone to Tim.

The first thing to do will, of course, be equal to your current subscription payments. Beyond your willingness to change, you are contractually obliged to fulfill all the insolvencies accumulated in the period in which the service was provided, and ignoring these rules it is easy to incur various types of penalties.

Secondly, pay attention to any clauses or penalties relating to the early termination of the contract.

Once the payments issue is settled, you will basically have three different ways to change mobile telephone operator and switch from Vodafone to Tim:

  • Call Tim's phone number: thanks to the official TIM telephone assistance number, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it will be possible to contact an operator immediately and start the exchange procedure. The number to contact is 7, from a landline or mobile phone.
  • Go to an authorized Tim center: if you do not wish to proceed through telephone contact only, preferring the professional consultation of a natural person, this solution is ideal. In fact, during office hours, it will be possible to go to any center available in the city, wait for your turn and evaluate together with the clerk the main solutions available at that time. All the more reason, in the case of temporary promotions or limited discounts, it will be much easier to discover and evaluate them on site rather than by telephone contact.
  • Go to the site online: the official online portal of this provider,, contains an entire section dedicated exclusively to the change of operator. We will go to see in detail what it takes to start the procedure in all three ways, but by doing it online all the data will be entered manually in the appropriate fields available.

Let's go now to see what data is required to start the operator change procedure from Vodafone to Tim and start the countdown for theactivation of the new offer.

First of all, the first data that will be requested is the telephone number on which you are going to intervene. It is possible under certain conditions to keep the same number, and in this case we are talking about portability times (which we will see later).

After this, you will be asked for both the identification data of the rate holder, such as name, surname, date of birth and residence, as well as the payment method and the consequent data necessary for the transaction.

It is possible to pay either by using the remaining credit from the previous subscription, by credit card or Paypal.

In the case of exchange via the website, it will also be necessary to create a specific account, by entering a personal username and password.

What are the portability and activation times?

Beyond how to switch from Vodafone to Tim, it should be noted that it is possible to keep your number during a change of operator.

The timing of this process lasts about two or three working days, but in some cases (during particularly busy periods or with holidays in between) a little more time may be required.

In any case, telephone or online assistance is always available, upon communication of the telephone number concerned, and will be able to communicate the precise date of activation of the tariff.

Advantages of switching from Vodafone to Tim

After having seen how to switch from Vodafone to Tim, let's focus on the reasons that could push a user to switch to TIM.

First of all, the main difference between Vodafone and Tim is that the latter manager generally has better reception on Spanish territory (no matter which area you are in). To find out more, you can take a walk test on the Tim site and see the reception in your area of ​​interest.

Secondly, Tim offers some proprietary services to its users, such as TIM VISION e TIM MUSIC; by activating a contract with this operator on your smartphone, you will be able to access all these extra features at a discounted price.

Finally, if with the change of operator there was also the desire to update your mobile phone with a more recent model, there are several offers from Tim in which you can buy a new smartphone in installments, with the possibility of keeping it after a year, replace or return it.

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