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    How to set up an effective web marketing strategy in 5 steps

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    You can set up an effective web marketing strategy in 5 steps. Every self-respecting professional in the digital world knows perfectly how fundamental the initial consultancy phase is in order to structure a valid strategy so that the company that requested an intervention can be supported in the best possible way.

    A digital consultant can be contacted by a small winery, as well as a multinational large retailer, and be able to present valid web marketing strategies to their customers, allowing them to correctly illustrate the entire marketing action plan to the customer.

    Study a web marketing strategy that it is repeatable and that can adapt to each customer or sector is an absolutely correct and appropriate choice.

    But this does not mean putting into practice the same activities for everyone, but rather having a clear structured plan that can be applied to different situations.

    How to set up a correct marketing strategy? What does the planning phase include? How to identify business objectives? We asked these questions to the industry experts, friends of, and here's what they came up with… Happy reading!

    The 5 steps to design the best web marketing strategy

    One of the focal points for creating a marketing strategy is planning, starting from an in-depth analysis of the business context with which you will be dealing, and structuring a detailed and strategic plan to bring news, but above all results in the company.

    To develop a marketing strategy, both the target customer and his needs must be clearly understood, but above all try to outline the unique selling proposition of the company, or try to make the company's offer unique compared to competitors.

    The planning phase includes in-depth knowledge of the target that starts from the study of the product, and only by trying to understand what the customer's need might be, who would buy the product, it will be possible to really understand who one should turn to.

    Once the target has been defined, the reference sector and the competitors in such a way as to be able to understand how to intervene effectively to make the product unique.


    Once the first planning phase has been defined, it is possible to move on to the second step through which the business objectives must be identified.

    However, trying to focus on the idea that the only goal should not be related to the increase in sales, but rather to try to guarantee a goal that can be specific, measurable, achievable but above all definable over time.

    You can try to increase sales by defining the sales funnel, which is the process that leads to the purchase of a product or service. And once the progress that starts from the interest up to the purchase has been defined, it will be possible to check the points on which it is advisable to work in order to improve the conversion rate.

    Content structure

    Once you have passed the first two steps you will have to think about the creation of the contents that must be strongly oriented to the ideal customer, so that he can find the product or service he needs in the company.

    The content must have a final objective for it to be authoritative and to transmit trust, given that a customer who is looking for a product / service is catapulted into numerous results and only one of these will be able to attract attention.

    Strategic presence on the web

    The continuous evolution of the dynamics of trade in services and products has meant that there is also a change in one's business approach in a radical way, precisely to avoid having to let oneself be outclassed by competitors.

    To date, it is essential for every company to try to focus on total and strategic presence that is strongly oriented towards potential customers. It is possible to achieve these results by structuring one communication strategy that guarantees a valid interaction between customer and company.

    Potential customers spend most of their time online, and it is through the main channels of use that they will have the opportunity to find a company, and to choose between the different products to be purchased.

    This is why today it is very important for a company to be visible online, to be able to be found at any time by the customer who will have to choose his product, also for the uniqueness of the offer.

    Structure of the marketing strategy plan

    Once you have followed all the previous steps, you will surely have developed a valid marketing strategy.

    After having properly studied the funnel of sales, having the guarantee of an authority necessary to be able to be selected by the customer, and building the ideal online channels to be known by potential customers, but this is precisely the phase that represents the beginning of the project.

    The web is constantly evolving, often there are sudden changes that require repeated changes to action plans, that's why always being in step is an important step that you should never forget.

    The analysis is part of one of the 5 fundamental steps for the marketing strategy plan structure, as just like the web is constantly changing, your customer changes along with the web.

    Collecting all the data of your campaigns and activities trying to analyze every single change is essential to effectively understand how to act in the shortest possible time and implement a new marketing strategy.

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