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    How to send an email, all you need to know

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    Are you looking for a guide on how to send an email? Here is a step by step tutorial on how to send an email and everything you need to know. Do you want to send an email and don't know where to start? Or maybe you know how to send emails but want some tips on how to write an email. We are here to help you.

    How to send an email may seem like a simple task, but sending quality emails is not. The next time you want to communicate via email, you will realize that it is much more than just knowing the recipient and a message to share. Here's how to send a great email.

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    What do you need to send an email?

    Before showing you how to send an email, you need to meet specific requirements. To send an email, you'll need an account with one of the available email providers (we'll use Gmail for this tutorial), an internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and the recipient's email address.

    How to send an email with Gmail

    Let's say you don't have an email account yet; create an account with Gmail or one of the popular alternatives to Gmail. Once that's done, we can proceed to the next step, creating an email message.

    1. Log into your email account.

    For Gmail, go to and enter your credentials to log into your email account.

    2. Create a blank email.

    Then, start writing the email that will be sent later. Tap the compose button to create a blank email. The compose button is available on the left side of the Gmail website and hangs at the bottom right in the mobile app.

    3. Enter the recipient's email address

    The recipient email address is the address of the person you want to send your email to. If there is more than one recipient, you can use CC or BCC. With CC, all recipients will see the list of other recipients. A recipient cannot see other recipients of the same email in a Bcc list unless they are included in CC.

    To add recipients in Gmail on the web, tap the Recipients field, enter the recipient's email, and select Cc or Bcc to include more than one recipient. If you're using the Gmail app on mobile devices (Android or iOS), enter your first recipient in To and tap the down arrow to see the CC and Bcc fields.

    Please pay attention to the address to avoid sharing the message with the wrong party.

    4. Type the subject of the email

    The subject of the email should summarize what the email is about. For best results, make sure the subject reflects the content of the email. Be very specific and concise.

    Also, the subject line should be eye catching to have a better chance of convincing the recipient to open your email. Using email acronyms for subject lines can be helpful, just use them appropriately.

    5. Curate your email message

    This is where you need to put everything you want the recipient or recipients to know in detail. But before sending your message, start with an appropriate greeting.

    For example, when writing professional emails, you should avoid "Dear" or "Hello". Also, keep your message concise, use appropriate etiquette, and format your email correctly.

    It is essential to learn the different ways of writing professional emails, and you can lean on various internet tools to help you write better emails in case of difficulty.

    6. Ends with an approval

    Email messages use signatures to mark the end of an email. Therefore, you should always include a signature at the end. Depending on the type of email, you should consider certain criteria when writing a signature.

    Consider these tips when signing an email:

    1. Use your full name.
    2. Use an appropriate closure. Consider one of the best professional email signatures for work related emails.
    3. Include your job titles and other contact information. These aren't a must, but it doesn't hurt to include them.
    4. A signature can also be an advantage.

    7. How to send an email with attachment

    Do you need to share some files via email? Now is the perfect time to add an attachment. Adding files may be required for job application processes where CVs and resumes are a must.

    But, before attaching a file, it is often advisable to let the recipient know in the body of the email that you have attached a file at the bottom of the message.

    How to attach files in Gmail

    In the Gmail mobile app, tap the paperclip icon at the top, select Attach file or Insert from Drive, then select the file to attach.

    When prompted on the web, click the paperclip icon to upload a file stored on your computer or click Google Drive to upload a file stored in your Google Drive account.

    Different email providers may have limitations on the maximum attachment file size. For Gmail, 25MB is the maximum, but you can get around the limit by uploading your files to Google Drive first.

    If you want to send more than one file, repeat the same procedure.

    8. Format and correct your email

    Before hitting the send button, format your email correctly making sure everything is the same size and font. Verify that alignment and indentation are correct. Finally, make sure the message is presented in a way that improves readability.

    Gmail allows you to format your emails using a built-in Format Options button. Simply select the Format button (A which is underlined) to see the different ways you can format your email in Gmail. You can change the fonts, size, bold of the message, underline, change the color of the text, etc.

    Finally, review your email from top to bottom to make sure the recipient address is correct and that the email is free of grammatical and semantic errors. Proofreading emails before sending cannot be overstated.

    9. Send your email

    If everything looks good, it's time to send your email. Tap the Send button to send your email.

    Understanding how to send an email

    Knowing how to send an email is a great skill because it is an important means of communication. Although there has been a shift to instant messaging platforms, email is still revered, especially in the workplace. The next time you send an email, keep these tips in mind.

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